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With no access to the sea, Zambia (formerly Northern Rhodesia) derives its origin from the dissolution of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland (today Malawi), established in 1953 under British tutelage. Having obtained independence in 1964, an inexperienced policy forced the country to the collapse of the economy and the spread of poverty. However, starting from the end of the twentieth century, a radical change in the political scene started, albeit with difficulty, a process of slow democratization. In this way, the country has also opened up to the attention of foreigners, offering the growing tourist flow its natural beauties, including some national parks. With Zimbabwe, Zambia shares two of the major tourist attractions of the region: the Victoria Falls, among the most impressive in the world, and the Zambezi River, from which the country takes its name.

Zambia is a Republic. On the basis of the 1996 Constitution, the president, who is also the head of the government, is elected by direct suffrage and single ballot for a 5-year mandate, like the National Assembly, which holds legislative power; this is flanked by the House of Heads, an advisory body made up of representatives of ethnic groups. At the top of the judiciary, based on British Common Law and Customary Law, is the Supreme Court, presided over by the Chief Justice. A High Court and courts of first instance follow. The Supreme Court judges appeal cases from the High Court. The death penalty is in force, but executions have not taken place since 1997. The defense of the country is entrusted to the armed forces divided between the army and air force. Alongside these work the paramilitary forces and the national defense force accountable to the government. Military service is carried out on a voluntary basis. The whole school system was reorganized with the national education law, enacted in 1966, which unifies the school administration, for the whole country and for all ethnic groups, placing it under the direct control of the government. The percentage of illiterate people fell to 29.4% (2007). Primary education, compulsory and free, starts at 7 and lasts 7 years. Kitwe. According to COUNTRYAAH, Zambia is a nation in Eastern Africa, the capital city of which is Lusaka. The latest population of Zambia is 18,383,966. REMZFAMILY: Lists and descriptions of main religions and beliefs in Zambia, including religion demographics and statistics on Christianity, Islam, Judaism, etc.
A tropical continental climate dominates almost unchallenged throughout the territory, albeit with progressive variations from N to S, especially as regards rainfall. Temperatures, even for the relatively high altitude of the country, are generally not excessive (18-24 ºC); however, due to the continental character of Zambia, considerable temperature variations, both seasonal and daily, can be recorded. Precipitation is brought by the sea air masses centered on the Indian Ocean to the E of Madagascar, recalled by the low pressure regime extended over the whole equatorial and southern Africa during the southern summer months, from November to April; on the other hand during the winter months the air masses connected to the expansion of the anticyclone of the Kalahari, responsible for a long dry season. Overall, rainfall is not abundant, and this is due to the continentality of the country; only in the northern section, 1200 mm per year fall annually, while in the south closest to the semi-desert area of ​​the Kalahari and in the depression of the Zambezi the rains are reduced to values ​​of just over 600 mm per year.

IELTS Test Centers in Zambia

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GMAT Test Centers in Zambia

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TOEFL Test Centers in Zambia

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