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Turkey is a state on two continents: a small part in the west is in Europe , the larger part in the east belongs to Asia. The capital is Ankara. On the coasts in the north, west and south there is a Mediterranean climate, in the mountainous interior there is a continental climate with short warm summers and snowy cold winters. According to COUNTRYAAH, Turkey is a nation in Western Asia, the capital city of which is Ankara. The latest population of Turkey is 84,339,078. ACEINLAND: Lists and descriptions of main religions and beliefs in Turkey, including religion demographics and statistics on Christianity, Islam, Judaism, etc.

Three quarters of the population are Sunni Muslims and one fifth are Alevis. 75% of people live in cities. Istanbul is the largest metropolitan area, every fifth resident of the country lives there. About 20% of the population are Kurds , a tribe mainly in the southeast. Urban and rural areas show great social and economic differences. The country is economically weaker, less populated and its population is more connected to traditions than the people in the city. Many Turkish citizens emigrated to European countries since the 1960s.

Turkey goes back to the Ottoman Empire, which was a major European power in the 16th century. After the fall of the empire and the founding of the state in 1923, Kemal Ataturk modernized the country based on the European model. Since the constitutional amendments of 2018, the president has been given numerous powers and parliament has little control over him.

The service sector with tourism is the most important branch of the economy. The economic boom that began in the 2000s was followed by an economic crisis in 2018. Domestically, the government waged a fight against sections of the Kurds who were demanding more rights of self-determination for themselves. Turkey was a founding member of the UN and joined NATO in 1952. In terms of foreign policy, it was oriented towards Europe for many decades. It has been working closely with Russia since 2017. Turkey took in 3.6 million refugees from the civil war country Syria.
The Black Sea lies in the north of Turkey, the Aegean Sea in the west and the Levantine Sea in the south. The waterways Bosporus and Dardanelles separate the small, mostly flat European part from the much larger, mountainous Asian part. In the Asian part are the Anatolian highlands with the highest mountain in the country, the Ararat (5 137 m), the Pontic Mountains in the north and the Taurus Mountains in the south, which is followed by a coastal strip. The size of the country and the landscape structure result in great climatic contrasts.

The coasts in the south are characterized by long sandy beaches, in the west they are characterized by rocks and small bays. The coast has a mild Mediterranean climate. In the highlands there are warm summers and long, cold winters. The rivers and waters of the country have fluctuating water levels depending on the season and the amount of rainfall. Many dry up in summer.

In Anatolia , the African-Arab plate meets the Anatolian land mass and earthquakes are frequent.

The GAP dam project has been under construction in Southeast Anatolia since the 1980s. 22 dams and 19 hydropower plants are being built on the Euphrates and Tigris rivers to generate energy and specifically irrigate agricultural areas. Environmental and human rights organizations reject the project. If the reservoirs are filled up and localities are flooded, such as the town of Hasankeyf on the Tigris for the Ilisu dam, settlement and nature reserves as well as centuries-old cultural assets are lost.

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