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Climate and Weather of Atafu, Tokelau

The climate of Atafu Atafu is one of the three atolls that make up the country of Tokelau. The three atolls are a special overseas territory of New Zealand. The Atafu Atoll consists of thirty-seven islands, which together have a land area of ​​about two and a half kilometers. About five hundred people live on… Read More »

Tonga, Tuvalu, and Tokelau

Tonga Area: 747 km² (of which land: 717 km², water: 30 km²) Population: 105,916 residents (estimate July 2011, CIA). Polynesians and Europeans. Population density: 142 residents per km² Population growth: 0.243% per year (2011, CIA) Capital: Nukuʻalofa on the island of Tongatapu Highest point: unnamed point on Kao Island, 1,033 m Lowest point: Pacific Ocean,… Read More »