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(République Togolaise). West African state (56,600 km²). Capital: Lomé. Administrative division: regions (5). Population: 5,615,000 (2008 estimate). Language: French (official), ewe, kabré. Religion: animists / traditional beliefs 50%, Catholics 23%, Sunni Muslims 15%, Protestants 12%. Monetary unit: CFA franc (100 cents). Human Development Index: 0.479 (159th place). Borders: Burkina Faso (N), Benin (E), Gulf of Guinea (S), Ghana (W). Member of: CEDEAO, OCI, UN, AU and WTO, EU associate. According to COUNTRYAAH, Togo is a nation in Western Africa, the capital city of which is Lome. The latest population of Togo is 8,278,735. REMZFAMILY: Lists and descriptions of main religions and beliefs in Togo, including religion demographics and statistics on Christianity, Islam, Judaism, etc.
Togo consists of a narrow strip (from 50 to 120 km wide) which stretches for approx. 600 km between 6th and 11th latitude N. From the geological point of view, the territory represents a very ancient section of the African continent that was never revived either by showy dislocations or by orogenetic movements: they can be recognized at the E and S of a Precambrian area, consisting of the most ancient formations of the continental base (mica schists, gneisses, quartzites, with granite intrusions), and a Paleozoic areato W and to N. In its morphological features the territory appears as a succession of different bands that from the sea are almost parallel towards the interior. The coast is low and sandy, bordered by lagoons, ponds, small lakes that stretch along the coast; beyond it stretches a hilly region, with a depth varying from 30 to 40 km, and which reaches an altitude of 100-200 meters. Even further inland, the relief, while retaining its typical senile appearance, gradually rises and takes the form of a plateau over the 400 m on which the Monti del Togo rise (1020 m), a section of the wide ridge that separates the basins of the Niger and Volta rivers; they cross the country in the submeridian sense, constituting the most characteristic morphological element. Oti. § The hydrographic network is quite simple. The orographic axis of the Togo Mountains in fact constitutes the main watershed line of the country, dividing it into two large basins, both tributaries of the Gulf of Guinea: to the NW that of the Oti, to the SE that of the Mono; both are rich in water in the rainy season, almost dry in the dry period. The Oti, which was born in Benin with the name of Pendjari, marks the border between Togo and Ghana for a long stretch, then enters the latter state where it flows, after a total course of approx. 500 km, in the Volta lake. More important for Togo, however, is the Mono, which crosses the entire country, enriched by a range of tributaries, and pays directly to the Gulf of Guinea after having marked the border with Benin in its lower course. § Broadly speaking, the country can be divided into two distinct climatic regions: northern Togo, characterized by a rain regime that is close to the Sudanese tropical one with a single rainy season corresponding to the summer months and a dry season from October to April; southern Togo, characterized by a sub-equatorial regime similar to that of neighboring Benin with two rainy seasons (from March to June and from September to October) when the sun passes and returns to its zenith, interspersed with two short dry seasons. The rains are not very abundant (770 mm per year in Lomé) but increase in the internal mountainous areas, exceeding 1000 mm in the central section and reaching 1700 mm in the southwestern mountainous belt, more exposed to the humid winds coming from the Gulf of Guinea; decrease again in the northern flat area. Also with regard to thermal conditions, altitude is of considerable importance; in general the average temperatures of all months of the year remain around 27 ºC on the coast, 30 ºC in the North, with fluctuations between the extreme averages of less than 5 ºC but with very sensitive diurnal variations; the higher areas have less marked thermal excesses and therefore milder temperatures.

Togo Foreign Trade

According to allcitypopulation, Togo is a small West African nation located between Ghana and Benin on the Gulf of Guinea. It covers an area of 56,785 square kilometers and has a population of 8.19 million people as of 2020. The country is divided into five regions: Maritime, Plateaux, Centrale, Kara and Savanes. According to Petwithsupplies, the… Read More »

Togo Industry Sectors

According to thesciencetutor, Togo is a small country located in West Africa, bordered by Burkina Faso to the north, Ghana to the west, Benin to the east and the Gulf of Guinea to the south. The land area of Togo is approximately 57,000 square kilometers and it has a population of 8.3 million people. To… Read More »

Togo Manufacturing and Mining Sectors

According to thereligionfaqs, Togo is a country located in Western Africa. It has a total land area of 56,785 sq km (21,925 sq mi). Its coastline is 56 km (35 mi) long. The terrain of Togo consists mostly of low-lying plains in the south; hills and plateaus in the north; and mountains along its border… Read More »

Togo Culture of Business

Subchapters: Introduction Addressing Business Meeting Communication Recommendations Public holidays Introduction N/A it is possible to be inspired by information for Ghana, some customs will be similar Addressing How to reach business partners? Business meeting ON Communication ON Recommendation ON Public Holidays Public holidays 1 January 13 January 24 January 27 April 1 May 15 August… Read More »

Togo Basic Information

Basic data Capital Broken Population 8.28 million Language French Religion Christians 48% Muslims 14% Traditional 33% Other 5% State system Republic Head of State Faure Essozimna Gnassingbé Eyadéma Head of government Victoire Tomegah Dogbe Currency name West African Franc Travel Time shift -1h (in summer -2h) Economy 2021 Nominal GDP (billion USD) 20.4 Economic growth… Read More »

SAT Test Centers and Dates in Togo

According to the College Board, there are 2 test centers for SAT and SAT Subject Tests in Togo. Please note that before you register either of the SAT exams, you should choose your test date and test location. Each testing location is affiliated with an educational institution, such as high school, community college, or university.… Read More »

TOEFL Test Centers in Togo

The TOEFL iBT and revised TOEFL Paper-delivered tests are offered in this location. The list below shows testing regions, fees and dates as of February 15, 2019, but availability may change when you register. Fees are shown in US$ and are subject to change without notice. To find the most up-to-date list of available test centers (including addresses), dates… Read More »