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According to COUNTRYAAH, Switzerland is a nation in Western Europe, the capital city of which is Bern. The latest population of Switzerland is 8,654,633. MYSTERYAROUND: Lists and descriptions of main religions and beliefs in Switzerland, including religion demographics and statistics on Christianity, Islam, Judaism, etc.

GMAT Test Centers in Switzerland

GMAT Testing Locations We have found 3 GMAT test centres in Switzerland, located in Lausanne, St. Gallen, and Zurich. For specific test dates of 2019, please refer to the end of this page. #1. ISEIG Avenue des Boveressses 52 1010 Lausanne Switzerland Phone: [41] 21 654 40 60 Test Center Information ISEIG, avenue des Boveresses 52,… Read More »

TOEFL Test Centers in Switzerland

The TOEFL iBT test is offered in this location. The list below shows testing regions, fees and dates as of February 15, 2019, but availability may change when you register. Fees are shown in US$ and are subject to change without notice. To find the most up-to-date list of available test centers (including addresses), dates and times, click the button… Read More »