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Top 10 Countries with a Surprising Capital

Do you think you are good at topography and can name the capitals of most countries? Think about that again, because this question is not as easy as it seems. Some countries have a surprising capital, usually because another city in the country is a lot more famous. Are you curious which countries and cities these are? Then read… Read More »

Climate and Weather of Hambantota, Sri Lanka

The climate of Hambantota According to shopareview, Hambantota is a small town on the south coast of Sri Lanka in the district of the same name. Hambantota is located on the Bay of Bengal. This place was hit hard by the tsunami of 2004. Thanks to a lot of international aid, the city is being… Read More »

Sri Lanka Culture of Business

Basic data Capital Colombo Population 21.56 crores Language Sinhala and Tamil Religion Buddhism (70.2%), Hinduism (12.6%), Islam (9.7%), Christianity (6.1%) State system Democratic Socialist Republic Head of State Gotabaya Rajapaksa Head of government Wounded Wickremesinghe Currency name Sri Lankan Rupee (LKR) Travel Time shift +4.30 a.m. (in summer +3.30 a.m.) ZÚ contacts Ambassador No Economic… Read More »

Sri Lanka Basic Information

Basic information about the territory Subchapters: System of governance and political tendencies in the country Foreign policy of the country Population The system of governance and political tendencies in the country System of governance: Official name of the country: Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka President: Gotabaya Rajapaksa (in office since 18/11/2019) Government composition: Sri… Read More »

Sri Lanka Population, Society and Rights

The delicate political situation of the country, as well as the reasons for the civil war, are rooted in the complex ethnic and religious framework. The distribution on the territory of ethnic groups and religions coincides with that of the factions of the over twenty-five-year civil conflict and marks the main political and social fractures… Read More »

Sri Lanka Travel Facts

Sri Lanka is an island country southeast of India in the Indian Ocean. Diverse landscapes, an exciting culture and a large variety of species are attracting more and more travelers. While the locals are very hospitable, travelers should not underestimate the risk of terrorist attacks. Capital City Colombo Size 65.610 km² Resident 20.877.000 Official Language… Read More »

IELTS Test Centers in Sri Lanka

IELTS Testing Centres in Sri Lanka In total, there are 14 test locations in Sri Lanka that offer IELTS exams. You can select the one which is closer to you. There are two types of test format available for IELTS exams: paper-based or computer-delivered. For both formats, the Speaking Section is done with a real… Read More »

GMAT Test Centers in Sri Lanka

GMAT Testing Location We have found 1 GMAT test centre in Sri Lanka, located in Colombo. For specific test dates of 2019, please refer to the end of this page. Knowledge Merchandising (PVT) (LTD) 28 Galle Road , Mount Lavinia Western Province, Colombo 10370 Sri Lanka Phone: +94 115243788 Test Center Information We are located opposite… Read More »

TOEFL Test Centers in Sri Lanka

The TOEFL iBT test is offered in this location. The list below shows testing regions, fees and dates as of February 15, 2019, but availability may change when you register. Fees are shown in US$ and are subject to change without notice. To find the most up-to-date list of available test centers (including addresses), dates and times, click the button… Read More »