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Located in one of the great historical crossroads of Europe, Romania has interesting characteristics also from a geographical point of view, ranking among the Carpathian States as regards the structure of the relief, among the Danubian ones for hydrography, crossed as it is by the lower course of the Danube, which actually has its mouth here, and finally between the Pontic countries for its coastline. However, Romania, placed astride the Carpathian ridge that unites the three traditional regions (Moldavia, Wallachia, Transylvania), has preserved strong national ties, due to a very ancient indigenous civilization, historical heritage and language, which is linked to the Latin group and is therefore foreign to that of the other peoples of the Balkan and Slav area, like the name itself “Romania”, used from the century onwards. XVI to indicate the Latin heritage, explicitly emphasizes. An important country in terms of population, cultural tradition and economic resources, Romania had to cross in the last decade of the century. XX a very deep crisis, generated by the autarchic policy imposed by the communist leader N. Ceausescu, in addition to the confusion and uncertainties following the violent fall of his regime: improvised economic reforms and then left to half, a democratic political dialectic flawed and distorted by decades of absolutism and arbitrariness, the spread of corruption and violence have brought the economy national team on its knees and the population on the verge of pure survival, putting at risk the very rules of civil coexistence. It is no coincidence that in the 1990s Romania was one of the European countries with the highest emigration rate (after Albania). Only with the beginning of the new century, thanks also to the legislative and functional adjustments requested by the European Union to carry on the Romanian association process (scheduled for 1 January 2007) which brought a little more order and security, the country has begun to resume the path of growth; Unfortunately, many problematic elements, especially as regards social justice, bureaucratic corruption and the standard of living of the poorest strata, continue to be present and threaten national development. According to COUNTRYAAH, Romania is a nation in Eastern Europe, the capital city of which is Bucharest. The latest population of Romania is 19,237,702. MYSTERYAROUND: Lists and descriptions of main religions and beliefs in Romania, including religion demographics and statistics on Christianity, Islam, Judaism, etc.
The climate is substantially conditioned by the continental air masses; the Carpathian arc in fact closes the country on three sides and the opening onto the Black Sea exerts very modest climatic influences. There is therefore a harsh thermal regime, with cold winters (which in the Carpathians the altitude makes it particularly rigid) and hot summers; the intermediate seasons are very short. Often even in Constance, on the Black Sea, the thermometer drops below zero and the January average in Bucharest can be below –5 ºC; summer averages are around 21-22 ºC for the capital. Precipitation is irregular, albeit with maximums, as mentioned, in the period May-June and in autumn, and on the whole scarce; 600 mm of precipitation per year falls on average, often in the form of snow (the snow remains on the ground for a long time even in the plains) with maximums of 1400-1500 mm on the reliefs and minimums in the lowlands: Dobruja, particularly marginalized, receives on average only 300 mm of rains a year.

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