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North Korea Culture of Business

Market entry: distribution and sales channels, use of local representatives, other factors affecting sales You can only do business in the country as a joint venture with Korean entities. While the foreign shareholder is mainly responsible for the supply of capital and technology, the Korean partner is responsible for, among other things, employees, distribution and… Read More »

North Korea Basic Information

Official name of the state, composition of the government Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Ceremonial Head of State (President of the Presidium of the Supreme People’s Assembly): Choe Ryong Hae Prime Minister: Kim Jae Ryong Vice Prime Ministers: Im Chol Ung, Ri Ju O, Ri Yong Nam, Ko In Ho, Tong Jong Ho, Kim Il… Read More »

North Korea Economic Conditions

Thanks to the availability of mineral resources and the financial and technical support of the Soviet Union and China, in the decades following the Second World War, North Korea achieved a rapid and relatively balanced development, promoting the modernization of agriculture, the birth of industry and the expansion of infrastructures, and aiming to achieve economic… Read More »