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New Hampshire is a small state in the New England region of the northeastern United States. The informal name is Granite State. The state capital is Concord and the largest city is Manchester. The first state in the country to declare independence from Great Britain. The state motto is “Liberty or Death”. Previously, the name of the state was transliterated into Russian as New Hampshire.
The state of New Hampshire (“New Hampshire”) was named after the county of Hampshire (Hampshire), located in the south of England.
The state of New Hampshire (New Hampshire) is located in the Northeastern United States and belongs to the states of New England. The territory of the state of New Hampshire is 24,217 km2 (46th place among the US states). New Hampshire borders Canada to the north, Maine to the east, Massachusetts to the south, and Vermont to the west. In the southeast, New Hampshire overlooks the Atlantic Ocean, there are several small islands near the coast in the Gulf of Maine. territory.
The White Mountains are located in central and northern New Hampshire (as well as in neighboring Maine). This mountain range is part of the Appalachians, it is here that the highest mountain in the Northeast of the United States – Mount Washington (1917 meters above sea level) is located. Hurricane winds blow very often in the area of ​​Mount Washington, it was here in 1934 that a wind of 372 kilometers per hour was recorded, one of the strongest on Earth. Mount Washington is part of the Presidential Range, the peaks of which were named after famous politicians and US Presidents (Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Dwight Eisenhower and others). The Appalachian Trail passes through the White Mountains, a popular tourist route in the United States.
New Hampshire has a humid continental climate, with warm summers and cold winters. Precipitation falls fairly evenly throughout the year. In the southeast, due to the influence of the Atlantic Ocean, the climate is milder and more humid, while in the interior it is more severe and dry. Especially cold winters in the mountains and in the north of the state, up to two and a half meters of snow can fall here.
In the city of Berlin in northern New Hampshire, the average temperature in January ranges from -16°C to -3°C, and in July – from 13°C to 26°C. In Manchester, located in the south of the state, in January it is usually from -15°C to 0°C, and in July – from 13°C to 28°C.
Since the middle of the 19th century, the main areas of the economy of the state of New Hampshire (New Hampshire) have been textile and leather production. In recent decades, they have lost ground to more modern and high-tech industries. In modern New Hampshire, they produce electronic and optical devices (including military ones), communications and energy equipment, tools for fiber optic systems, and travel equipment. The state has a well-developed engineering and metalworking industry, producing bearings, printing equipment, various spare parts and components, including those for medical equipment and the aerospace industry.
New Hampshire is called the “Granite State”, there are many quarries in which this valuable building material is mined. Although the demand for natural stone has declined due to the widespread use of concrete in construction, granite (as well as crushed stone and sand) mining continues to play an important role in the state’s economy.
A significant share of the income of modern New Hampshire comes from tourism, and its importance to the state’s economy is constantly growing. The picturesque and very diverse natural landscapes of New Hampshire, located also relatively close to the largest US metropolitan areas, New York and Boston, attract many tourists.
The peaks of the White Mountains are very popular with climbers and skiers, yachtsmen and lovers of water recreation come to the numerous lakes of New Hampshire every summer, and the seaside resort of Hampton Beach is located on the ocean coast of the state. The Appalachian Trail passes through New Hampshire, one of the most popular hiking trails in the United States.

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