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Transportation and Sightseeing in New Caledonia

Traveling in the country Airplane: Air Calédonie, not to be confused with the international airline of the same name, operates from Magenta Airport in Nouméa and flies regularly to Koné, Touho and Koumac on Grande Terre as well as to all the Loyalty Islands and the Île des Pins. There are no direct flights between… Read More »

Best Time to Travel to New Caledonia

The island state of New Caledonia is located in the Pacific south of Melanesia (Oceania). It is the third largest island in the Pacific after Papua New Guinea and New Zealand. The landscape is characterized by miles of white sandy beaches surrounded by blue lagoons. New Caledonia consists of a group of islands in the… Read More »

New Caledonia Geography

New Caledonia is a group of islands in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, which as a French overseas territory represents in many ways a special case in the island world of Melanesia, to which the island is geographically assigned. New Caledonia includes the main island of Grande Terre as well as numerous smaller islands. The total… Read More »