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According to citypopulationreview, Nevada is a state in the western part of the United States. The state capital is Carson City and the largest city is Las Vegas. Nevada became part of the United States during the Civil War between the southern and northern states. “The Battle-Born State” is the official slogan of Nevada. The state flag bears the words “Battle Born”. Several ships of the US Navy have been named USS Nevada in honor of the state of Nevada. Motto: All for Your Country.
The territory of the modern state of Nevada was part of the Spanish colony in North America New Spain (as well as the US states of California, Arizona, Utah and Wyoming). It is not surprising that the name of the state of Nevada comes from the Spanish word Nevada, which means “snowy” (like mountains Sierra Nevada – “snow-capped mountains”).
The state of Nevada is part of the US Mountain States region and borders the states of Oregon and Idaho to the north; Utah in the east; Arizona in the southeast and California in the west and southwest. The area of ​​the state of Nevada is 286,367 km2 (7th place among the states of the USA).. In the northern part of Nevada, many mountain ranges stretch, the highest mountain in Nevada, Bonderi Peak, rises 4007 meters above sea level. The southern part of the state, where, among other things, the largest city of Nevada, Las Vegas, is located, is located in the Mojave Desert.
Several rivers flow through the state, most of which are relatively small and do not have access to the oceans (such as the Humboldt River, which flows into the lake of the same name). Several rivers in the north of the state belong to the Pacific Ocean (tributaries of the Columbia River). The Colorado River is the border between the states of Nevada and Arizona. The famous Hoover Dam and Lake Mead formed by the dam are also located here. On the border between the states of Nevada and California, the largest in the United States and extremely picturesque mountain lake Tahoe is located.
Nevada is characterized by a dry (one of the driest in the US), desert climate, with large seasonal and daily temperature fluctuations. Daytime temperatures in summer can reach 52°C, night temperatures in winter drop to -46°C.
The modern economy of the state of Nevada is focused on tourists, who are offered the richest choice of entertainment, primarily gambling. Outside of such major tourist-oriented gambling centers as Las Vegas and Reno, the main sectors of the Nevada economy are agriculture and mining.
Nevada’s agriculture is primarily focused on raising cattle, producing milk, and growing vegetables. The state maintains over 500,000 cattle and 70,000 sheep. More than 90% of Nevada’s arable land is used to grow fodder crops. Many minerals are mined in the state, primarily gold (about 9% of world production) and silver. The Nevada fields are very rich, but they are also expensive to mine. In addition, a number of machine-building enterprises operate in Nevada, food products and electrical equipment are produced.
Nevada has the highest number of hotel rooms per capita in the United States (one hotel room per 14 residents of the state, with the average for the United States of America being one hotel room per 67 residents). More than two hundred and fifty casinos with an annual income of over a million dollars (and hundreds of smaller establishments) offer their services to tourists.
Along with gambling itself, all major hotels and casinos also attract visitors with a variety of shows, celebrity concerts, sports matches and other equally interesting events. The largest, most luxurious, most famous hotels and casinos in Nevada are located, of course, in the “world capital of entertainment”, in the famous “sin city” – Las Vegas.
The Greater Las Vegas metropolitan area is home to over two-thirds of Nevada’s population. Here, on Fremont Street in the city center and on the world-famous Las Vegas Strip in its suburb of Paradise, the largest casinos are concentrated, attracting millions of tourists. The Las Vegas Strip is the second most popular tourist attraction in the United States after Times Square in New York.
The second most popular gambling and entertainment center in Nevada after Las Vegas is “the largest small city in the world” Reno, located at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains in the west of the state. It was Reno that was the gambling capital of the United States until the end of the fifties, when the rapid growth of Las Vegas began. And today Reno casinos are very popular with tourists from the north of California, in particular from San Francisco.
Several very popular casinos are also located in the city of Laughlin, which is one hundred and fifty kilometers south of Las Vegas, on the Colorado River. Laughlin’s entertainment and activities are considered more family-friendly than those offered in Las Vegas or Reno. In addition, Laughlin hosts the largest annual biker event in the Western United States, the Laughlin River Run.

Nevada Travel Information

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