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Maldives is an island state in the Indian Ocean, made up of 1087 islands (of which only 220 are inhabited) grouped into 20 atolls, the Maldives extend for a good 50,000 km², despite the surface area of ​​the emerged lands occupying less than 300 km². Located 700 km from the coast of Sri Lanka, from which the Indian people who first populated the archipelago came, the country was a stopping point for Arab merchants en route to the Far East, fertile ground for the spread of Islam (starting from 1153 AD). as well as commercial outpost of Portugal, Holland and above all Great Britain, which for over eighty years exercised its colonial dominance over the islands. If traces of this past are found on the territory of the country only thanks to the testimony of some rare architectural finds, the signs of history are indelibly impressed on the flag of the State, which recalls in the red of the outlines the blood shed by its people during the revolts against the rulers, in the green of the inscribed rectangle, the aspiration for peace and prosperity, in the yellow of the crescent, the sign of the Islamic faith. Over time, the encounter with Western culture has not produced significant changes in the traditional structure of the country: only in the last thirty years of the twentieth century, in fact, the country has found in the development of tourism the keystone to revive its weak economic structure and initiate some social changes. The growth of tourism, however, has not reduced the dependence of the Maldives on foreign countries, both as regards primary goods and as regards the supply of the essential facilities for the life of the luxury resorts that have sprung up on the islands. To safeguard the weak ecosystem of the territory and its seabed (called, not wrongly, the “Aquarium of Allāh”) and protect the traditional ways of life of the residents, the State has launched government development plans for tourism by imposing a non-invasive model. These measures have, at the same time, negatively affected the commercial potential and entrepreneurial growth of the country. According to COUNTRYAAH, Maldives is a nation in Southern Asia, the capital city of which is Male. The latest population of Maldives is 540,555. ACEINLAND: Lists and descriptions of main religions and beliefs in Maldives, including religion demographics and statistics on Christianity, Islam, Judaism, etc.
The coral reefs and seas adjacent to the islands are home to several specimens of fish fauna. Among the species present, those at risk of extinction are sharks, sea turtles, giant molluscs, black corals. Global warming and the consequent rise in sea level expose the islands to the risk of flooding and are the cause of the alteration of the plant population of the seabed themselves. One of the most macroscopic consequences attributable to the alteration of sea temperatures was the phenomenon of the “whitening” of the corals, recorded during the passage of El Niňo, in 1998. Between the end of the twentieth century and the beginning of the millennium, the government introduced measures to protect endangered habitats and species, establishing several marine protected areas, which are also diving sites.

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Maldives Culture of Business

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Maldives Basic Information

Basic data Capital Male Population 540,000 Language Divehs Religion Islam (98%) State system Presidential Republic Head of State Ibrahim Mohamed Solih Head of government Ibrahim Mohamed Solih Currency name Rufiyaa (Rupees) Travel Time shift + 4:00 a.m. (in summer + 3:00 a.m.) Economy 2021 Nominal GDP (billion USD) 9.8 Economic growth (%) 30 Inflation (%)… Read More »

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IELTS Test Centers in Maldives

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SAT Test Centers and Dates in Maldives

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TOEFL Test Centers in Maldives

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