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Top 10 Largest Countries in Africa

After Asia, Africa is the world’s largest and most populous continent. With an area of ​​30.2 million square kilometers, it covers 6% of the total surface of the earth and 20.4% of all land area. Its 1.2 billion inhabitants make up 15% of the world’s human population. But in which countries do most Africans live, according to the… Read More »

Top 10 Largest Cities in Africa

The population of African cities is rising rapidly. Some African cities are among the fastest growing in the world. This entails a lot of problems: housing is often poor, environmental pollution is enormous, and slums are expanding. Yet the rapid growth of African cities also offers technological and social opportunities. We list the ten largest cities in Africa for… Read More »

Kenya Travel Information

Communication and Wi-Fi The key mobile operators in Kenya are Safaricom, Telkom, Yu and Airtel. The quality of communication in large cities does not cause any complaints, in remote provinces there may be interruptions. A SIM card can be purchased immediately upon arrival at the airport or at providers’ offices on the central city streets,… Read More »

Visa to Kenya

According to clothesbliss, Russian citizens will need a visa to enter Kenya, which can be obtained both online and at the Embassy of Kenya in Moscow. In both cases, obtaining a visa does not cause difficulties: you need to provide a basic set of documents (passport, air tickets, financial guarantees, etc.) and pay a visa… Read More »

Nakuru, Kenya

The Kenyan city of Nakuru was once a small railway station built by the British colonizers in 1904. Now Nakuru is the capital of the Rift Valley province and one of the most popular tourist centers in Kenya. Why such an unhealthy interest in an ordinary Kenyan city, you ask? The fact is that near… Read More »

Kenya Road Network

According to wholevehicles, Kenya has the most developed road network in East Africa, with a paved road network of approximately 12,200 kilometers in 2021. The national road network is divided into three classes, the S roads, these are motorways, the A roads, these are the main highways. In 2021, 6,830 kilometers of this was covered,… Read More »

Climate and Weather of Lamu, Kenya

The climate of Lamu According to shopareview, Lamu is a city in eastern Kenya, on the Indian Ocean. The city used to be an important port for the transit of slaves, today it is a popular tourist destination. The ancient city of Lamu is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is mainly because the old… Read More »

Climate and Weather of Kisumu, Kenya

The climate of Kisumu According to citypopulationreview, Kisumu is a large city in southwestern Kenya, in the province of Nyanza on Lake Victoria. Kisumu is located on the Uganda Railway. The city has traditionally been an important trading city, trading mainly in cotton, fish and sugar. The Kisumu Museum and the Kit-Mikayi Rocks are popular… Read More »

Kenya Culture of Business

Subchapters: Introduction Addressing Business Meeting Communication Recommendations Public holidays Introduction In business dealings in Kenya, it is possible to meet representatives of different nationalities and communities, each of which is characterized by specific characteristics during business negotiations. These result from the different cultural traditions and mentality of the partners. The core communities are: Africans, Indian… Read More »

Kenya Basic Information

Basic information about the territory Subchapters: System of governance and political tendencies in the country Foreign policy of the country Population The Republic of Kenya is a unitary state divided into 47 regions. The country is governed by the central government and 47 regional governments, which, according to the constitution, work closely together in the… Read More »

Kenya Travel Facts

Kenya is located in East Africa and borders Ethiopia, Somalia, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda. Beautiful beaches and a rich wildlife are among the highlights of the country. However, as a traveler you should be well informed about the security in the country. Capital City Nairobi Size 580.367 km² Resident 47.615.739 Official Language Swahili and… Read More »

Kenya Overview

Good economic data, unclear prospects: Kenya, the safari paradise, engine of the region and potential oil-producing country, has been on the right track for years. The goal: to become an emerging market soon. But security problems, political strife and the threat of over-indebtedness dampen hopes. Subject areas Country overview & natural area Kenya combines a… Read More »

Kenya Economic and Financial Policy

Infrastructure as a top priority Traffic & Transport Implementing a coherent economic policy in Kenya has long been difficult for reasons of political structure. In his presidential democracy, economic policy is, on the one hand, the president’s ‘top priority’; on the other hand, there are a number of ministries that deal with economic decisions, but… Read More »

Kenya Industrial Sectors

Tusker, Kikoi, Kenpoly – industry for the region Magadi Soda – pipelines to the factory The industrial sector of Kenya is large in comparison to the African countries south of the Sahara, but it hardly plays a role internationally. The deposits of mineral resources are quite small. For natural soda alone, Kenya is one of… Read More »

Kenya Agriculture and Tourism

Field of life: land as the opium of the masses Drying racks of the Baragwa Coffee Cooperation in Central. Largest customer The Agriculture is Kenya’s main industry, as most Kenyans live by it. As a major country in African continent according to nexticle, the Kenya is the world’s largest exporter of black tea, a producer… Read More »

Kenya Economy

Estimated GDP: approx. 95.5 billion US $ (World Bank, 2019) Per capita income (adjusted for purchasing power): US $ 1750 (World Bank, 2019) Human Development Rank (HDI): Rank 147 of 189 in 2018 (2016: 143, 2017: 142) Distribution of income (Gini coefficient): 40.8 (HDR 2018. 2017: 48.5) Proportion of population below the poverty line $… Read More »

Kenya Infrastructure

An African lion – stable growth, high dynamism. Then came Corona With robust and continuous economic growth of 4 – 6 percent, Kenya was long considered the power center of the East African economic region, but the expectation for 2020 was reduced to 1.5 percent as a result of the corona pandemic. The World Bank… Read More »

Kenya History

In the cradle of humanity As a nation, Kenya celebrated the 50th anniversary of independence on December 12, 2013. But in most of the manuals, Kenya’s history begins with the archaeological finds of skeletons of early hominids. To this day, the country sees itself as a cradle of mankind, including in the National Museum of… Read More »

Kenya Land of Diversity

Elephants in Amboseli National Park A fisherman cleans the boat hull. South coast Flamingos in Nakuru National Park Kenya is located in the area of the Great East African Rift Valley and offers a variety of landscapes with correspondingly different vegetation. The land area can be divided into five different climate zones, from dry to… Read More »

Kenya Land Shortage and Deforestation

Wild and regular recycling dump on the coast Recycling dump on the coast As a country located in eastern Africa according to philosophynearby, Kenya is a very arid country and at the same time an agricultural state whose population is growing by a million people every year. The population pressure exacerbates the land conflicts and… Read More »

Kenya Socio-geographical Conditions

Fresh green at the gates of Nairobi In Kenya, the degree of urbanization is around 30 percent, and the trend is rising here too. Some experts expect more than 50 percent of the urban population in 2030, but the majority of the almost 52 million residents still live in villages and scattered hamlets. The population… Read More »

Kenya Ecological Problems

Will climate change bring more rain? Despite the country’s location on the equator, the climate and vegetation are only tropical and humid on the coast and Lake Victoria. Agriculture is possible in a narrow strip in the hinterland of the coast and especially in the fertile highlands, with land conflicts particularly concentrated in the Rift… Read More »

Kenya Current Politics Part I

Attacks in the border area of Somali militias continue, and early 2020 saw a slew of attacks that also came under fatal fire at a military base in Lamu County used by Kenya and the US. A particularly severe attack a year ago in the capital Nairobi made it clear that all of Kenya remains… Read More »

Kenya Government

Independence Day: December 12, 1963 Head of state: President Uhuru Kenyatta Vice President: William Ruto Political system: Presidential democracy Democracy Status Index (BTI), 2020: Rank 79 (2018: 53): Severely defective democracy Corruption Index TI (CPI), 2019: Rank 137 (from 180, improved from rank 144) Ibrahim Index of African Governance 2020: Rank 14 (out of 54,… Read More »

Kenya Current Politics Part II

The recent elections – although found correct by most of the observers sent in – were initially null and void by the Supreme Court, setting a precedent. For the first time in Africa, a state institution that was not of a military nature proved to be stronger than the ruler. Weaknesses in the system had… Read More »

Kenya Politics

The state was Moi State power out of control: Presidential power Kenya’s counties Since the end of British colonial rule in 1963, Kenya has been a republic with far-reaching powers of government and power for the president, directly elected by the people, who is also the commander in chief of the armed forces. The political… Read More »

Kenya Legal System

Law and Uncertainty: Shocking Reports The legal system of Kenya is based on the British one. In the colonial era, however, ‘traditional’ legal systems were also used, especially in civil law. The legal sources of the so-called ‘Customary Law’ are based on African traditions (with great scope for interpretation) or in the Islamic communities on… Read More »

Kenya Transportation

The so-called Madaraka Express, the new railway line between Mombasa and Nairobi, has been in operation since 2017, a billion-dollar project that is only exceeded by the joint infrastructure plans of Uganda, South Sudan, Ethiopia and Kenya. These ambitious plans include a rail link from Juba to Lamu, a new oil pipeline, refineries, the construction… Read More »

Kenya Domestic Issues

2002: End of one-party rule Joseph Mbatia saw politics Daniel arap Moi 1978 – 2002 Emilio Mwai Kibaki 2002 – 2013 Uhuru Kenyatta belongs to the Kikuyu ethnic group. As the biggest victory celebrations since independence, as a second liberation and democratic awakening felt a majority of Kenyans and many foreign observers the change of… Read More »

Kenya Corruption

Corruption – A way of life? Call to fight corruption in Nairobi’s “Corruption will now cease to be a way of life in Kenya”, Mwai Kibaki had announced when he took office as head of state at the turn of 2002. Fighting corruption was his first major campaign promise. But the topic remained in the… Read More »