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A country with artificial borders, drawn on paper following the political events that marked its constitution, Jordan extends today from the W, from the fertile valley marked by the Jordan River and further down from the muddy and saline banks of the Dead Sea, E of the desert expanses that slope down towards Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia, passing through the man-made plateaus of Transjordan, up to the extreme rocky south of Wadi Rum, one of the most evocative places on the planet, promoted by UNESCO as a natural heritage site of humanity in 2011. As evidence of the liveliness and cultural richness that has characterized the country’s millennial past, the marks left by the peoples who have stayed there remain today on the territory, signs that have their roots in Roman civilization and even earlier Greek, Umayyad, Arab, Amorrite: from the ruins of the capital ʽAmmān, to the vestiges of Jarash (the Roman Gerasa), one of the ten Middle Eastern cities united by the historic trading league of Pompey; from the monuments of Petra, the ancient city of the Nabataeans carved into the polychrome sandstone rock, to the castles that dot the flat expanses of the eastern desert. Cradle of religions, Jordan also includes the places of that land that has become holy due to the Christian and Jewish traditions, which here bring back the birthplace of Jesus Christ; a land object of contention for millennia between peoples who have made these traditions a reason for identity and political clash, as well as theological and religious one, a clash that struggles to find a definitive peaceful settlement. Added to this situation are the internal difficulties due to the economic, fiscal and monetary stabilization processes underway in the country, especially in recent years, under the constant monitoring of the International Monetary Fund., efforts that denounce the country’s still structural weakness and its dependence on foreign aid. However, thanks to its privileged position within the Middle East, which for decades has made it the tip of the balance in the delicate balance between the expansionist aims of Israel, the Palestinian claims, the power of Arabia, Jordan continues to constitute a focal point in the international arena. A centrality that was once again confirmed, on the occasion of the conflict with Iraq, in the alliance intertwined with the United States of America, interested in securing local support in the fight against terrorismand in the pacification process of the Middle East area. According to COUNTRYAAH, Jordan is a nation in Western Asia, the capital city of which is Amman. The latest population of Jordan is 10,203,145. ACEINLAND: Lists and descriptions of main religions and beliefs in Jordan, including religion demographics and statistics on Christianity, Islam, Judaism, etc.
(Al-Mamlakah al-Urdunnīyah al-Hāshimīyah). State of Western Asia (88,778 km²). Capital: ʽAmmān. Administrative division: governorates (12). Population: 5,906,000 residents (2008 estimate). Language: Arabic. Religion: Sunni Muslims 96.6%, Christians 3.4%. Currency unit: Jordanian dinar (1000 fils). Human Development Index: 0.769 (90th place). Borders: Syria (N), Iraq (NE), Saudi Arabia (SE and S), Israel and the West Bank (W), Gulf of ʽAqaba (Red Sea) (SW). Member of: Arab League, OCI, UN and WTO.

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Religious tolerance Most of the people in Jordan are Sunni Muslims, but there are also some Christians who are mostly Greek Orthodox, and sometimes Roman Catholic. In Jordan, Christians and Jews are treated with great respect and are specially protected, since Judaism and Christianity are seen as predecessor religions and therefore deserving protection. There are… Read More »

IELTS Test Centers in Jordan

IELTS Testing Centres in Jordan In total, there are 3 test locations in Jordan that offer IELTS exams. You can select the one which is closer to you. There are two types of test format available for IELTS exams: paper-based or computer-delivered. For both formats, the Speaking Section is done with a real IELTS examiner… Read More »

GRE Test Centers in Jordan

GRE Testing Locations Decided to take GRE exam? Now it is time to determine where to take the test.  This site provides a full list of GRE testing centers in Jordan, among which, you can choose one that is nearest to you. Good news is that the following GRE test locations in Jordan offer both GRE… Read More »

GMAT Test Centers in Jordan

GMAT Testing Locations We have found 2 GMAT test centres in Jordan, located in Amman. For specific test dates of 2019, please refer to the end of this page. #1. Adoum Cultural Centre Room number 811, 8th floor, Between 7th and 8th Circle, Husseini Building Zahran Street, P.O.Box 1599 Amman 11821 Jordan Phone: 00962 6 5810274… Read More »

TOEFL Test Centers in Jordan

The TOEFL iBT test is offered in this location. The list below shows testing regions, fees and dates as of February 15, 2019, but availability may change when you register. Fees are shown in US$ and are subject to change without notice. To find the most up-to-date list of available test centers (including addresses), dates and times, click the button… Read More »