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(Medinat Yisra´el). State of Southwest Asia (20,918 km²). Capital: Jerusalem (since 1967 including East Jerusalem; not recognized by the UN). Administrative division: districts (6). Population: 9,212,800 (2020 estimate). Language: Hebrew and Arabic (official). Religion: Jews 75.1%, Muslims 17.4%, Christians 2%, Druze 1.6%, others 3.9%. Monetary unit: new Israeli cycle = sheqel (100 agorot). Human Development Index: 0.906 (22nd place). Borders: Lebanon (N), Syria (NE), Jordan (and West Bank) (E), Red Sea (Gulf of ʽAqaba) (S), Egypt (SW), Mediterranean Sea (NW). Member of: EBRD, OECD, UN and WTO, Council of Europe observer, OAS observer. According to COUNTRYAAH, Israel is a nation in Western Asia, the capital city of which is Jerusalem. The latest population of Israel is 8,655,546. ACEINLAND: Lists and descriptions of main religions and beliefs in Israel, including religion demographics and statistics on Christianity, Islam, Judaism, etc.
After expulsion from the kingdom of Judah (Babylonian exile, 587 BC), the Jews lived all over the world in the diaspora. Many Jews suffered persecution up to and including the Holocaust (1941-45). In the last third of the 19th century, a national movement (Zionism) emerged among the Jews. Its aim was to return to the “promised land” of Palestine and to found a state of its own there. In the first half of the 20th century, Great Britain ruled what is now Israel on behalf of the League ofNations. The region was called Palestine and was mainly inhabited by Arabs (“Palestinians”). At the same time there was growing demand in Europe for a separate state for the Jews (Zionism). The United Nations supported the division of Palestine into a Jewish and an Arab state.

On May 15, 1948, Jewish politicians led by D. Ben Gurion proclaimed the independent state of Israel. This led to constant, sometimes armed conflicts between Israel and its Arab neighbors (Middle East conflict). The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) was founded in 1964 to represent the Arab Palestinians, and its program called for the annihilation of Israel. In the 1967 Six Day War, Israel conquered the West Bank , Gaza Strip, the Golan Heights and the Sinai Peninsula. In 1979, Egypt became the first Arab state to recognize Israel and make peace with it. Israel then evacuated the Sinai Peninsula. In 1993 the Palestinians in the occupied territories received partial autonomy and took over self-government. In 1994 Israel and Jordan made peace. The peace process between Israel and the Palestinians has been interrupted time and again by terrorist attacks by radical Palestinians and Israeli reprisals. Violent uprisings by the Palestinian Arabs against the Israeli occupying power broke out in 1987 and 2000 (First and Second Intifada). In between was the Oslo Peace Process, which included a series of agreements between the PLO and Israel. He was interrupted by the assassination attempt on Izhak Rabin (* 1922, † 1995). First under Ariel Sharon (* 1928, † 2014) peace talks again followed, mediated by the USA. In 2005, A. Sharon pushed through the complete withdrawal of Israel from the Gaza Strip. However, flaring up armed conflicts prevented a two-state solution. A peaceful coexistence between Israel and the Palestinian territories could not be achieved.

IELTS Test Centers in Israel

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GMAT Test Centers in Israel

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TOEFL Test Centers in Israel

The TOEFL iBT test is offered in this location. The list below shows testing regions, fees and dates as of February 15, 2019, but availability may change when you register. Fees are shown in US$ and are subject to change without notice. To find the most up-to-date list of available test centers (including addresses), dates and times, click the button… Read More »