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Independent since 1974, it is part of the British Commonwealth. According to the Constitution approved in 1974, suspended in 1979 following a coup and restored in 1983, the head of state is the British sovereign, represented by a governor general. Legislative power belongs to the Parliament composed of the Senate, whose members are appointed at the suggestion of the Prime Minister and the leader of the opposition, and the House of Representatives elected for five years by universal suffrage; executive power is exercised by a cabinet headed by the prime minister. The system of law in use is based on the Common Law British; justice is administered by a Supreme Court, an itinerant Court of Appeal and various first instance bodies, represented by courts of magistrates. The death penalty is in force in the country. The defense system does not include regular forces, but a paramilitary organization and the Coast Guard are active. Education in Grenada is compulsory and free for students aged 5 to 16. Primary school lasts for seven years, while secondary school, which starts at 12, lasts for five years. There are also higher education institutions, such as Saint George’s Medical University (1977) and Marryshow Community College (1988). The illiteracy rate is quite low, even compared to other Caribbean states: in 2004, it stood at 4%. According to COUNTRYAAH, Grenada is a nation in North America, the capital city of which is Saint George’s. The latest population of Grenada is 112,534.

The total area of ​​the country is 344.5 km² but only two islands have significant dimensions: Grenada (311 km²) and Carriacou (33 km²), both of volcanic and mountainous origin; Grenada culminates at 840m in Mount Sainte Catherine and has numerous crater lakes, the largest of which is the Grand Etang in the center of the island. The climate is tropical, tempered by trade winds; the average annual temperature is 28 ºC, rainfall varies from 1200 to 3000 mm per year, favoring the development of the dense tropical forest. The frequent hurricanes, which hit the territory in the wet season, between June and November, can cause considerable damage to the territory and to the population.

Grenada Travel Facts

Grenada is an island country on the island of the same name in the Caribbean. Grenada is part of the Lesser Antilles and was part of Great Britain until 1974. In addition to the main island of Grenada, the Grenadine islands of Carriacou, Ronde and Petit Martinique also belong to it. Capital City St. George’s… Read More »

GRE Test Centers in Grenada

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High School CEEB Codes in Grenada

There are 5 high school codes in Grenada today, according to the ACT. The full list is shown below by city, with name of each high school and the city where the school is located (based on the ACT official site). You can search a school code by pressing “Ctrl” + “F” and then type school… Read More »

SAT Test Centers and Dates in Grenada

According to the College Board, there are 1 test centers for SAT and SAT Subject Tests in Grenada. Please note that before you register either of the SAT exams, you should choose your test date and test location. Each testing location is affiliated with an educational institution, such as high school, community college, or university.… Read More »