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10 Safest Countries When War Comes

A third world war, you shouldn’t think about it, but there is no denying that there are more and more great tensions in the world; a trade war between America and China, tensions between India and Pakistan, Brexit, the migration crisis, the climate crisis and the conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran, to name a few. What… Read More »

Top 10 Largest Islands in the World

The following 10 islands are the largest in the world by area. On the map, Ellesmere may look a lot bigger than some of the other islands, but that’s obviously due to the distortion of the map (countries appear larger near the poles). Australia is not listed because it is a continent, and the definition of an… Read More »

Greenland Fauna and Vegetation

Climate. – Two facts appear, among the determinants, conspicuous, one in function of the other: the existence of an immense mass of ice, and the persistence, which follows, of an area of ​​high pressure between marginal depressions (Davis Strait and Iceland). The resulting atmospheric currents take on, as descendants, the characteristics of the alpine föhn,… Read More »