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French Polynesia Transportation

French Polynesia – How to get there Airplane: most visitors to French Polynesia arrive by air. A number of international airlines offer flights to French Polynesia. These include Air Tahiti Nui – the international airline of the archipelagos – Air New Zealand, LAN, Air France, Hawaiian Airlines, Qantas Airways and Corsair. Airports: Faa’a Airport (PPT)… Read More »

French Polynesia Geography

As a country located in Oceania defined by topb2bwebsites.com, French Polynesia is a French overseas territory in Polynesia that consists of a total of 118 islands. The archipelago is located in the Pacific and covers a total area of ​​about 4 million square kilometers. The land area of ​​all the islands, atolls and archipelagos of… Read More »

French Polynesia Landmarks

French Polynesia is in the South Pacific. The 120 individual islands are usually divided into 5 island groups. The Leeward and Windward Islands are also grouped together as Society Islands (Archipel de la Sociéte). These islands are more mountainous, but the coasts are flat. The largest Windward Island (and probably the best known) is Tahiti.… Read More »