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Egypt as an Arab Country

Egypt, situated at the crossroads of Africa and the Middle East, stands as a prominent Arab country with a rich history, cultural heritage, and geopolitical significance. As one of the oldest civilizations in the world, Egypt has played a central role in shaping Arab identity, language, and culture. In this essay, we will explore Egypt’s… Read More »

10 Fattest Countries in the World

Obesity is a major problem worldwide. In the following 10 countries, most people are overweight (the percentages indicate the percentage of the population that is overweight). Check estatelearning for list of most corrupt countries in the world. 10. England – 61% Lots of food and drink, but also one of the countries with the least amount of… Read More »

10 Oldest Cities in the World

When you walk through the streets of an ancient city, it is fascinating to think that many centuries ago people lived and lived in the same place. The following ten cities are the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. It is not an exact science, by the way, Byblos, Damascus, and Jericho claim to be the… Read More »

Top 10 Largest Countries in Africa

After Asia, Africa is the world’s largest and most populous continent. With an area of ​​30.2 million square kilometers, it covers 6% of the total surface of the earth and 20.4% of all land area. Its 1.2 billion inhabitants make up 15% of the world’s human population. But in which countries do most Africans live, according to the… Read More »

Top 10 Largest Cities in Africa

The population of African cities is rising rapidly. Some African cities are among the fastest growing in the world. This entails a lot of problems: housing is often poor, environmental pollution is enormous, and slums are expanding. Yet the rapid growth of African cities also offers technological and social opportunities. We list the ten largest cities in Africa for… Read More »

Sahl Hasheesh, Egypt

Tourists, beware. If the name Sahl Hasheesh (“Green Valley”) doesn’t tell you anything, then you know absolutely nothing about the construction of a new world-class resort on the Red Sea. Many, many years ago, this area was called Isis – in honor of the patron goddess of witchcraft and magic. Isis was a major trading… Read More »

Sinai Peninsula, Egypt

The Sinai Peninsula is an absolutely unique and amazing place in every way. You can start at least with a geographical location: Sinai is the border between Asia and Africa, the peninsula itself is considered part of the Asian continent. Its nature is also unique – the mountainous and desert regions of Sinai are almost… Read More »

Egypt Road Network

Main road network Egypt’s road network is relatively extensive in its densely populated areas, but large areas of the country are not served by roads, especially outside the Nile Valley and the coasts. There is about 31,000 kilometers of tarmac road. Two traditional north-south routes run along the Nile on both sides, but do not… Read More »

El Quseir, Egypt

This resort is unknown to the average tourist, but if the walls of your house are hung with testimonies of a real diver and photographs of the bewitching underwater world, planning your travel route in Egypt, in the very first lines you will definitely mark El Quseir, the holy of holies for diving enthusiasts. The… Read More »

Climate and Weather of Giza, Egypt

The climate of Giza According to shopareview, Giza is one of the main tourist destinations in Egypt and is located on the Nile, in the north of Egypt. Giza is a suburb of Cairo and is known for its huge pyramids and the Sphinx. Everyone knows the image of the enormous structures in the desert.… Read More »

Climate and Weather of El Quseir, Egypt

The climate of El Quseir According to citypopulationreview, the seaside town of El Quseir can be found between the resorts of Marsa Alam and Safaga on the Red Sea. The town was originally a fishing village, but in recent decades tourism has been the main source of income for the town. The port of El… Read More »

Egypt Culture of Business

Subchapters: Introduction Addressing Business Meeting Communication Recommendations Public holidays Introduction Brief introduction – 3-5 sentences In the individual parts, the answer to the questions can be based on the culture card processed for seminars and for delegations. What a Czech exporter should know before entering the Egyptian market: Egypt is often underestimated – everyone has… Read More »

Egypt Basic Information

Basic information about the territory Subchapters: System of governance and political tendencies in the country Foreign policy of the country Population The system of governance and political tendencies in the country Official name of the state, brief commentary on the system of government, political tendencies and estimated outlook, composition of the government. Check cancermatters to learn… Read More »

Egypt Travel Facts

Egypt is one of the most culturally interesting countries on earth. Pharaohs, pyramids – I read a lot about them as a child and dreamed of visiting this country one day. With its capital Cairo, Egypt is one of the most populous cities and regions in the world. The country is mostly in Africa, but… Read More »

IELTS Test Centers in Egypt

IELTS Testing Centres in Egypt In total, there are 24 test locations in Egypt that offer IELTS exams. You can select the one which is closer to you. There are two types of test format available for IELTS exams: paper-based or computer-delivered. For both formats, the Speaking Section is done with a real IELTS examiner… Read More »

GRE Test Centers in Egypt

GRE Testing Locations Decided to take GRE exam? Now it is time to determine where to take the test.  This site provides a full list of GRE testing centers in Egypt, among which, you can choose one that is nearest to you. Good news is that the following GRE test locations in Egypt offer both GRE… Read More »

SAT Test Centers and Dates in Egypt

According to the College Board, there are 34 test centers for SAT and SAT Subject Tests in Egypt. Please note that before you register either of the SAT exams, you should choose your test date and test location. Each testing location is affiliated with an educational institution, such as high school, community college, or university.… Read More »

GMAT Test Centers in Egypt

GMAT Testing Locations We have found 2 GMAT test centres in Egypt, located in Cairo. For specific test dates of 2019, please refer to the end of this page. #1. Global Knowledge 16 Mustafa Refaat St. Block 1137 Sheraton Cairo Egypt Phone: +202 2269 1982 Test Center Information 16 Mustafa Refaat Street, block1137, Sheraton Buildings, Heliopolis… Read More »

TOEFL Test Centers in Egypt

The TOEFL iBT test is offered in this location. The list below shows testing regions, fees and dates as of February 15, 2019, but availability may change when you register. Fees are shown in US$ and are subject to change without notice. To find the most up-to-date list of available test centers (including addresses), dates and times, click the button… Read More »