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10 Safest Countries When War Comes

A third world war, you shouldn’t think about it, but there is no denying that there are more and more great tensions in the world; a trade war between America and China, tensions between India and Pakistan, Brexit, the migration crisis, the climate crisis and the conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran, to name a few. What… Read More »

10 Countries With No Army

Almost all countries in the world have armed forces. The main tasks of the armed forces are to defend the country and provide assistance in emergency situations. The armies are also often deployed in foreign missions for various reasons. Check ethnicityology for list of poorest countries in the world. The Netherlands has an armed force that was established… Read More »

Costa Rica Road Network

Costa Rica’s road network covered 43,702 kilometers in 2016. Of this, 7,786 kilometers belong to the Red Vial Nacional and 35,916 kilometers to the Red Vial Cantonal. Of the Red Vial Nacional, 5,105 kilometers are asphalted (66%). Of this, 2,600 kilometers were in acceptable or good condition and 2,500 kilometers in poor condition. In general,… Read More »

Costa Rica Culture of Business

Subchapters: Introduction Addressing Business Meeting Communication Recommendations Public holidays Introduction Costa Rica is a Latin American country with all the resulting cultural consequences – a different perception of time, respect, the importance of the personal dimension in business negotiations, etc. On the other hand, it is a country that is one of the most advanced… Read More »

Costa Rica Basic Information

Basic data Capital San Jose Population 5.16 million (2020) Language Spanish Religion 52% Catholic State system presidential republic Head of State Carlos Alvarado Quesada Head of government Carlos Alvarado Quesada Currency name Costa Rica Colon (CRC) Travel Time shift -5 hours (in summer – 6 hours) Economy Nominal GDP (billion USD) 61.9 Economic growth (%)… Read More »

Costa Rica Travel Facts

Costa Rica is located in Latin America and borders the countries of Nicaragua and Panama. The country has two magnificent coastlines, one facing the Pacific and one facing the Caribbean. Full of natural beauty, it not only offers its visitors a lush flora, but also a wonderful variety of animals – above all, of course,… Read More »

Guanacaste Protected Area (World Heritage)

The world heritage includes three national parks and several smaller protected zones in Central American Costa Rica. It stretches from the Pacific coast over the around 2,000 m high mountains in the interior to the lowlands in the Caribbean. The natural landscapes include coastal waters, islands, sandy beaches and rocky coasts as well as mountain… Read More »