Surrey, North Dakota

By | March 28, 2023

Surrey, North Dakota is located in the northeastern part of the state and is a small city with a population of less than 1,000 people. Geographically, it is situated in the Sheyenne Valley, which is surrounded by hills and farmland. The climate in Surrey is typical for North Dakota with cold winters and hot summers. Check sciencedict for information about Adams County, North Dakota.

The city of Surrey has a long history that dates back to 1882 when it was founded as a railroad town. The railroads were instrumental in developing the local economy and helped to bring many people to the area. Over the years, Surrey has grown into a vibrant community with many businesses, schools, churches, and other organizations that contribute to its economy.

Politically, Surrey is part of Grand Forks County and is represented by two state senators and one member of Congress. The city also has its own mayor and city council who are responsible for overseeing municipal services such as police protection, parks maintenance, water supply services, etc.

Surrey’s economy was traditionally based on agriculture but has diversified over time with additional industries such as manufacturing and technology companies contributing to its growth. There are also several local restaurants and shops which provide employment opportunities for residents.

Schools in Surrey include an elementary school which serves students from kindergarten through eighth grade; a high school; a private Christian school; and several higher education institutions including Bismarck State College which offers associate degrees as well as certificate programs in various fields of study.

Surrey’s landmarks include the historic Sheyenne River dam built in 1898; an old railroad depot; numerous churches; an opera house built in 1919; a museum dedicated to local history; several parks including Riverside Park where visitors can enjoy boat rides on the river or take part in recreational activities such as fishing or camping; plus many other attractions throughout town that add to its charm.

Population: 917. Estimated population in July 2020: 870 (-5.1% change)
Males: 464 (50.6%), Females: 453 (49.4%)

Ward County

Zip code: 58785

Median resident age: 31.7 years
Median household income: $43,403
Median house value: $70,300

Races in Surrey:

  • White Non-Hispanic (96.8%)
  • American Indian (2.4%)
  • Hispanic (0.9%)
  • Two or more races (0.5%)

Ancestries: German (51.7%), Norwegian (34.4%), Irish (7.3%), Swedish (5.5%), Russian (3.7%), English (2.7%).

Elevation: 1625 feet

Land area: 1.0 square miles


Surrey, North Dakota is a small town located in northeastern North Dakota. As of the 2010 census, the population of Surrey was 569. The racial makeup of the town was 97.7% White, 0.2% African American, 0.7% Native American, 0.2% Asian, and 1.2% from two or more races. The median income for a household in the city was $51,250 and the median income for a family was $57,542.

Surrey is a relatively young town with a median age of just 32 years old compared to 37 years old for all of North Dakota as a whole. A majority of those living in Surrey are married couples with children (53%), followed by those who are married without children (31%), and then single individuals (15%). Out of the total population 23%, or 132 people were under 18 years old and 12%, or 68 people were 65 years or older. The gender ratio is fairly even with 49% male and 51% female residents living in Surrey as of 2010.

For population 25 years and over in Surrey

  • High school or higher: 86.0%
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher: 13.3%
  • Graduate or professional degree: 1.1%
  • Unemployed: 1.4%
  • Mean travel time to work: 22.0 minutes

For population 15 years and over in Surrey city

  • Never married: 21.3%
  • Now married: 63.7%
  • Separated: 0.6%
  • Widowed: 5.2%
  • Divorced: 9.3%

1.3% Foreign born

Population change in the 1990s: +63 (+7.4%).


Hospitals/medical centers near Surrey:



Airports certified for carrier operations nearest to Surrey:

  • MINOT INTL (about 10 miles; MINOT, ND; Abbreviation: MOT)
  • MINOT AFB (about 19 miles; MINOT, ND; Abbreviation: MIB)
  • BISMARCK MUNI (about 105 miles; BISMARCK, ND; Abbreviation: BIS)

Other public-use airports nearest to Surrey:

  • GARRISON MUNI (about 46 miles; GARRISON, ND; Abbreviation: D05)
  • MOHALL MUNI (about 46 miles; MOHALL, ND; Abbreviation: HBC)
  • WESTHOPE MUNI (about 47 miles; WESTHOPE, ND; Abbreviation: D64)

Amtrak station near Surrey:

  • 12 miles: MINOT (400 1ST AVE. S.W.). Services: ticket office, partially wheelchair accessible, enclosed waiting area, public restrooms, public payphones, free short-term parking, free long-term parking, call for taxi service, public transit connection.

Colleges and Universities

Colleges/universities with over 2000 students nearest to Surrey:

  • MINOT STATE UNIVERSITY (about 12 miles; MINOT, ND; Full-time enrollment: 2,662)
  • BISMARCK STATE COLLEGE (about 100 miles; BISMARCK, ND; Full-time enrollment: 2,205)
  • UNIVERSITY OF MARY (about 105 miles; BISMARCK, ND; Full-time enrollment: 2,203)
  • NORTHERN STATE UNIVERSITY (about 264 miles; ABERDEEN, SD; Full-time enrollment: 2,356)
  • UNIVERSITY OF NORTH DAKOTA-MAIN CAMPUS (about 282 miles; GRAND FORKS, ND; Full-time enrollment: 9,935)
  • NORTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY-MAIN CAMPUS (about 302 miles; FARGO, ND; Full-time enrollment: 8,836)
  • BLACK HILLS STATE UNIVERSITY (about 320 miles; SPEARFISH, SD; Full-time enrollment: 3,190)


Public high school in Surrey:

  • SURREY HIGH SCHOOL (Students: 199; Location: 200 2ND ST SE; Grades: 07 – 12)

Public primary/middle school in Surrey:

  • SURREY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (Students: 203; Location: 200 2ND ST SE; Grades: PK – 06)

Surrey, North Dakota