Stuttgart, Germany

By | November 25, 2022

Hailed as the headquarters of automotive giants like Mercedes and Porsche, Stuttgart is perhaps the least bit underestimated by art lovers. This city boasts top-notch collections from its art museums (and that’s not counting those two exhibits that make the hearts of motor lovers beat faster and shift into fifth gear, winding meters around stylishly decorated stands).

In addition, Stuttgart is considered perhaps the greenest city in Europe – not only because of the luxuriously landscaped parks and gardens, but also because of its own vineyards. In this city, everything is presented at the highest level: whether it’s shopping, cuisine, cultural or nightlife.

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How to get there

Stuttgart International Airport is the main hub for flights of the German company German Wings, located 13 km south of the city center. In total, the airport has 4 terminals, it is easy to move between them on foot. So far, only Aeroflot has direct flights from Moscow to Stuttgart (about 3 hours on the way). In addition, you can fly from the butt in Amsterdam, Paris, Warsaw. (from 5 hours).

It is easy to get from the airport to the center in 4 EUR and 30 minutes; stop Mitte or Hauptbahnhof. Trains leave every 20 minutes from early morning until around midnight. There is a timetable at the station, tickets are sold in special machines; tickets must be punched before boarding.

High-speed trains IC and ICE run to Stuttgart from Berlin (95-180 EUR, 5.5 hours), Frankfurt (25-70 EUR, 1 hour 22 min) and Munich (40-65 EUR, 2 hours 10 min). There are several regional trains running to Tübingen (10-27 EUR, 56 min), Schwabisch Hall, Hessental (16 EUR, 1 hour 19 min) and Ulm (20-35 EUR, 54 min).


From the slowest to the fastest, Stuttgart’s public transport system includes a plethora of means of transportation: Zahnradbahn (cogwheel railway), buses, Strassenbahn (trams), Stadtbahn (light rail, which is indicated by the letters U on the map; passes underground in the city center), S-Bahn (metro lines S1-S6, which lead to the nearest suburbs) and Regionalbahn (trains in the neighborhood, which begin with the letters R). On Fridays and Saturdays, there are three night buses (all routes begin with the letter N) that depart from Schlossplatz at 1:11 am, 2:22 am, and 3:33 am.

For trips within the city, you can buy a ticket for one trip for 2.50 EUR or a travel card for 4 trips (Mehrfahrtenkarte) for 9.50 EUR. The day pass includes two zones (including the Mercedes-Benz and Porsche museums), the cost for one is 7 EUR, for groups from 2 to 5 people – 12.30 EUR for all.

Taxi in Stuttgart is quite expensive, for a trip of 5 minutes you will have to pay about 12-15 EUR. You can call a taxi by phone: 0711/55 10 000 or find a parking lot near the railway station and on the main squares of the city.

Entertainment and attractions of Stuttgart

Stuttgart, less affected by the bombings, is famous for its numerous attractions. Of interest are the Main railway station with a 58-meter tower, the Altes-Schloss castle (or simply the Old Castle), the Academic Garden, the old and new buildings of the Landtag, the Schlossgarten park with the Karl-Zeiss-Planetarium, the Königstrasse shopping street, the Königsbau Palace, the column of Wilhelm I, Neue Schlossi Castle (or simply the New Palace) is a newly rebuilt building of the City Gallery.

It is worth visiting the Schlossplatz square, the Weissenhofsiedlung building, the museums of the Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and Linden companies, the Wilhelm Zoological and Botanical Gardens, Solitude Castle, the Stiftskirche church and the famous Baden-Württemberg Gallery.

Bike rent

You can rent a bike for 18 EUR for the whole day (moreover, many rental offices include the delivery of the bike to the hotel and the return “pick-up”). You can find rent-a-bike yourself at the main station. You can take a two-wheeled friend for free on the Stadtbahn lines (closed on weekdays during peak hours: from 6:00 to 8:30 and from 16:00 to 18:30).

Club and all

The most famous club street is Theodor-Heuss-Straße. In recent years, a lot of bars, clubs and chill-out cafes have opened here, so this is the most popular place where you can spend a weekend evening. In summer, all establishments put tables outside, so that the party begins immediately in the open air.

A great place where everyone speaks English is Biddy Early’s, an Irish pub a few steps west of the city center, Königstraße (five minutes walk from Stadtmitte station). Live music is played here on weekends, entry from 5 EUR. You can also watch English Premier League matches at the bar.

Those who, on the contrary, want to chat with the locals should go to Bonnie and Clyde (near Stockach station). Although the owner of the bar, as well as most of the visitors speak English. Music – from rock to punk, admission is free. Another great bar is the Classic Rock Cafe two blocks from Biddy Early’s.

Indie fans can drop by the Zwölfzehn bar on Paulinenstraße, a 10-minute walk from Stadtmitte station. In addition, in this area around Rotebühlstraße there are many theaters and cafes where the local bohemia likes to spend time.

Stuttgart, Germany