State Route 141, 142 and 144 in Colorado

By | October 18, 2022

State Route 141 in Colorado

Get started Dove Creek
End Grand Junction
Length 160 mi
Length 257 km
Dove Creekegnar



Grand Junction

State Route 141, commonly known as State Highway 141 or SH 141 is a state route in the U.S. state of Colorado. The road forms a fairly long north-south route through the west of the state, from Dove Creek to near Grand Junction. SH 141 leads through wild and varied landscapes and is 257 kilometers long.

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Travel directions

SH 141 through the Unaweep Canyon.

SH 141 begins outside the village of Dove Creek on US 491 and heads north, not far from the Utah state border. This part runs on a plateau at 2,200 meters altitude. After the hamlet of Egnar, the road drops sharply to 1,600 meters, after which the road runs eastwards, later northwards through a very sparsely populated area. There are no towns or asphalted side roads on the route over a greater distance. The road leads through several valleys and then reaches civilization at the village of Naturita, where several state highways converge.

From Naturita, SH 141 heads northwest through a desert landscape. The road meanders through deep and narrow canyons and is a very scenic route. The road heads northwest through the canyon of the Dolores River to the village of Gateway, then northeast through an area of ​​higher mountains. The road here leads through the Unaweep Canyon. This canyon is special because two rivers run through it in opposite directions. The road leads over the barely perceptible Unaweep Divide at 2,136 meters. The surrounding mountains are up to 2,900 meters high. Then you reach the wide valley of the Gunnison River and SH 141 ends south of the city of Grand Junction on US 50.

A second shorter section runs along the east side of Grand Junction, from US 50 to US 6 in Clifton. This section is more urban in character and crosses the Colorado River.


SH 141 is one of the original state highways from the 1920s. At the time, SH 141 only ran from Naturita to US 50 at Whitewater. The part around Gateway was asphalted in 1965. During the renumbering of 1968, SH 141 was extended south on former SH 80 from Dove Creek to Naturita. This is to avoid confusion with the I-80S (current I-76). The northernmost section between US 50 and US 6 in Clifton (near Grand Junction) became part of SH 141 around 1986, originally numbered SH 146.

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Traffic intensities

On many parts of SH 141 there are only 250 to 600 vehicles per day, only around Naturita there is a bit more traffic with 1,200 to 1,800 vehicles. The section at Grand Junction is busier, with 9,000 to 18,000 vehicles per day.

State Route 142 in Colorado

Get started Romeo
End San Luis
Length 34 mi
Length 54 km

San Acacio

San Luis

State Route 142, commonly known as State Highway 142 or SH 142 is a state route in the U.S. state of Colorado. The road forms an east-west route through the south of the state, from Romeo to San Luis. SH 142 is 54 kilometers long.

Travel directions

SH 142 in Manassa.

SH 142 begins in the village of Romeo on US 285 and then heads east through the 90-mile valley of the Rio Grande. The road usually runs at an altitude of 2,300 to 2,400 meters and passes through a few small villages. In San Luis, SH 142 ends at SH 159.


SH 142 is one of the original state highways from the 1920s but originally only ran eastward from US 285. In 1939 the westernmost part between Romeo and Manassa was asphalted. In 1954, SH 142 was extended east to San Luis. The road was completely paved in 1957.

Traffic intensities

SH 142 has varying traffic intensities. On the westernmost part between Romeo and Manassa there are 2,200 vehicles per day, east of Manassa only 200 to 400 vehicles per day.

State Route 144 in Colorado

Get started Wiggins
End Fort Morgan
Length 29 mi
Length 46 km


Fort Morgan

State Route 144, commonly known as State Highway 144 or SH 144 is a state route in the U.S. state of Colorado. The road forms a somewhat distinctive route through the northeast of the state, from near Wiggins to Fort Morgan. SH 144 is 46 kilometers long.

Travel directions

SH 144 begins west of the village of Wiggins in Weld County at a junction with Interstate 76. The road then heads east next to I-76 until a few miles before Wiggins and then turns north through an area of ​​circular irrigation. Northwest of Wiggins it crosses US 34. The road then crosses the South Platte River and continues on its north bank before turning east and later southeast. Here are two hamlets on the route, Orchard and Weldona. One then reaches the town of Fort Morgan, where one crosses I-76 for the second time and SH 144 ends in Fort Morgan at SH 52.


SH 144 is one of the original state highways, but originally ran only from US 34 to Fort Morgan, along the South Platte River. In 1936, the eastern terminus was diverted to US 6/34 west of Fort Morgan on what is now county road 12. In 1957, the eastern terminus was again changed to SH 52 at Fort Morgan. The road was completely asphalted in 1961. In 1974, SH 144 was extended over a gravel road to I-76, which was paved in 1977.

Traffic intensities

The SH 144 is only very lightly driven outside Fort Morgan, with mostly 150 to 400 vehicles per day. This increases to a maximum of 5,200 vehicles in Fort Morgan.

State Route 144 in Colorado