Stanton, North Dakota

By | March 11, 2023

Stanton, North Dakota is a small town with a population of just over 500 people. It is located in the eastern portion of North Dakota, near the border of South Dakota. The geography of the area is mostly flat, with some rolling hills and ravines. The climate in Stanton is typical for North Dakota, with hot summers and cold winters. See harvardshoes for main cities in North Dakota.

The history of Stanton dates back to the late 1800s when it was first settled by homesteaders looking for a place to call home. In the early 1900s, the town was incorporated and grew rapidly due to its close proximity to nearby cities such as Fargo and Bismarck. Over time, Stanton has become known as an agricultural center for the region; its residents are mostly involved in farming or ranching activities.

Politically, Stanton leans towards conservative values but has seen a shift towards more progressive views in recent years. There are no major political parties in Stanton; instead people tend to vote based on individual candidates or issues that are important to them.

The economy of Stanton is mainly reliant on agriculture but there are also several small businesses located in town that provide employment opportunities for locals. Additionally, many residents commute to larger cities for work as well as access better educational and recreational opportunities not available within Stanton itself.

Stanton has two schools: a public elementary school and high school which provide basic education opportunities for local students up to grade 12 level. It also offers several extracurricular activities such as sports teams, music programs, and other clubs which allow students to explore their interests outside of their studies.

Finally, one of the main landmarks in Stanton is St Paul’s Lutheran Church which was built in 1902 and still stands today as one of the oldest churches in North Dakota still standing today!

Stanton, North Dakota

Population: 345. Estimated population in July 2020: 326 (-5.5% change)
Males: 178 (51.6%), Females: 167 (48.4%)

Mercer County

Zip code: 58571

Median resident age: 46.1 years
Median household income: $38,958
Median house value: $35,200

Races in Stanton:

  • White Non-Hispanic (95.4%)
  • American Indian (2.3%)
  • Two or more races (1.4%)
  • Other Asian (0.6%)

Ancestries: German (72.8%), Norwegian (16.5%), Irish (8.4%), Russian (8.4%), French (3.8%), English (3.2%).

Elevation: 1701 feet

Land area: 0.5 square miles


Stanton, North Dakota has a population of approximately 1,000 people. The majority of the population is white, with small minorities of Native American and African-American people. Most of the residents are employed in farming and ranching activities, as well as related industries like food processing. The city is also home to a few small businesses such as convenience stores, auto repair shops and restaurants.

The cost of living in Stanton is relatively low compared to other cities in North Dakota. Housing prices are quite affordable, with the median price for a single family home being around $100,000. Rent is also quite reasonable; one bedroom apartments can be found for around $500 per month. Groceries are reasonably priced as well; a gallon of milk costs about $2.50 and a loaf of bread will run approximately $2.00. Utilities such as electricity and water are also inexpensive; an average electric bill runs about $60 per month while water costs around $25 per month. Overall, Stanton is an affordable place to live with low taxes and plenty of job opportunities in the agricultural sector.

For population 25 years and over in Stanton

  • High school or higher: 80.0%
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher: 8.6%
  • Graduate or professional degree: 0.8%
  • Unemployed: 15.8%
  • Mean travel time to work: 14.7 minutes

For population 15 years and over in Stanton city

  • Never married: 22.5%
  • Now married: 67.8%
  • Separated: 0.0%
  • Widowed: 3.7%
  • Divorced: 6.0%

0.3% Foreign born

Population change in the 1990s: -171 (-33.1%).


Hospitals/medical centers near Stanton:



Airports certified for carrier operations nearest to Stanton:

  • BISMARCK MUNI (about 59 miles; BISMARCK, ND; Abbreviation: BIS)
  • MINOT INTL (about 65 miles; MINOT, ND; Abbreviation: MOT)
  • MINOT AFB (about 75 miles; MINOT, ND; Abbreviation: MIB)

Other public-use airports nearest to Stanton:

  • GARRISON DAM RECREATIONAL AIRPARK (about 11 miles; RIVERDALE, ND; Abbreviation: 37N)
  • MERCER COUNTY REGIONAL (about 13 miles; HAZEN, ND; Abbreviation: HZE)
  • GARRISON MUNI (about 23 miles; GARRISON, ND; Abbreviation: D05)

Colleges and Universities

Colleges/universities with over 2000 students nearest to Stanton:

  • BISMARCK STATE COLLEGE (about 54 miles; BISMARCK, ND; Full-time enrollment: 2,205)
  • UNIVERSITY OF MARY (about 58 miles; BISMARCK, ND; Full-time enrollment: 2,203)
  • MINOT STATE UNIVERSITY (about 64 miles; MINOT, ND; Full-time enrollment: 2,662)
  • NORTHERN STATE UNIVERSITY (about 237 miles; ABERDEEN, SD; Full-time enrollment: 2,356)
  • SOUTH DAKOTA SCHOOL OF MINES AND TECHNOLOGY (about 256 miles; RAPID CITY, SD; Full-time enrollment: 2,002)
  • BLACK HILLS STATE UNIVERSITY (about 260 miles; SPEARFISH, SD; Full-time enrollment: 3,190)
  • UNIVERSITY OF NORTH DAKOTA-MAIN CAMPUS (about 301 miles; GRAND FORKS, ND; Full-time enrollment: 9,935)

Public primary/middle school in Stanton:

  • STANTON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (Students: 47; Location: 312 HARMON AVE; Grades: KG – 08)


Library in Stanton:

  • STANTON PUBLIC LIBRARY (Operating income: $7,603; Location: 312 HARMON AVE; 2,250 books; 22 audio materials; 13 video materials; 6 serial subscriptions)