Small Decorative Houses

By | February 12, 2024

Life is often far too serious – cute decorations such as small decorative houses beautify the living space and delight us every day. The weather is bad, it’s cold and dark, the boss was in a bad mood again, the news is putting you in a bad mood? As the workday comes to an end and we return to our homes, sometimes we just want to switch off and shut out the world outside. Our home is always a protective space where we can simply be completely ourselves. A little dreaming, letting your inner child out and enjoying is important, especially in stormy times. In this blog article we give suggestions for sweet decoration ideas and tips to get you through the dark half of the year in a good mood. See climateforcities for 40 great kitchen hacks and kitchen tricks.

Small decorative houses

Small decorative houses are a diverse decoration for the home. As a decorative object, they beautify shelves and window sills, for example. As pendants, they decorate branches in a vase on side tables and dining tables and as lanterns or lanterns, they playfully illuminate our living space on dark days. Let your imagination run wild: who lives in these little houses? Create a small scene with the houses on the windowsill, build a small village. At Christmas or in the winter, perhaps in combination with a few tree displays in the shape of a fir tree?

Rainbow bookshelf and colorful planters: splashes of color for a good mood

Everything doesn’t always have to be tone-on-tone: bright colors look playful and put you in a good mood! Color accents in the house and apartment can be added using small decorative elements. Place your houseplants in colorful planters, present your bouquets in colorful vases, or use colorful dried flowers. You can also create colorful highlights using textiles such as cushions, placemats and napkins. “Rainbow bookshelves” are now also popular, in which the books on the bookshelf are arranged by color rather than by topic.

Good enough – Against the optimization madness

After work, go to yoga, then make your own invitation for Leonie’s birthday, answer Whatsapp messages from friends, learn Spanish on the language learning app – even your free time can become a stress trap. Sometimes a firm “NO!” is needed so that we can relax. People need breaks, everything doesn’t always have to be completely perfect, sometimes an “Ok” or a “Good enough” is enough, then the frozen cake for a child’s birthday is also enough, the choir rehearsal can sometimes be canceled if we have a have a need for rest. If even our free time is filled with optional demands for perfection, we miss out on time to relax, time in which we can completely switch off. Say “yes” to “no”, “later” and “good enough” more often!

Now it’s getting animal-like: cute cuddly toys and animal figures

Even though we are adults now, we all like animals. Whether it’s a fluffy cuddly toy, wall decoration with an animal motif, or a standee with an animal look – when it comes to decoration, whatever pleases you and puts a smile on our faces is always allowed! Of course, any sea creature is always suitable for maritime decoration : the funny seahorse, the friendly fish, or the scary octopus. There is always room for an animal display or a cuddly toy on shelves, on side tables, or on the edge of the sofa!

Soft and cozy with blankets and pillows

Coziness is good for well-being! It’s not just the visual impression that counts, but also the tactile sensation. Different textures and structures on blankets, plaids and pillows are fun! Stroking around on the soft velvet cushion while watching your favorite series, braiding the cords of the blanket while on the phone – your fingers often want to be busy! The visual design doesn’t always have to be serious; playful motifs and splashes of color are also allowed here. You can find more ideas for cozy decorations for autumn and winter in our blog articles “ Cozy decorations for autumn and winter ” and “ Warm tones for autumn and winter ”.

Play for a good mood

Self-forgetfulness, flow, time flies, we get absorbed in something – that’s not always the case in everyday working life. As we enter adulthood and the obligations that come with it, we often lack the time and sometimes the ability to forgetfully enjoy the “here and now” without constantly having the end result in mind. Play relaxed! Pug your children’s Lego bricks, the marble run, or knead mischief figures for some fun. There is also no law that prohibits you as an adult from building a den with your partner on a Friday evening, eating sweets and listening to old TKKG episodes.

Funny metal signs with funny sayings

We’re all not perfect and if you take life with humor, it’s easier. Messages and funny sayings that put a grin on our faces as we pass by are a great decoration idea. From cheeky sayings and self-deprecating messages to silly puns, there is pretty much everything on signs. Hung next to the exercise bike, they make us smile and remind us not to be so stubborn all the time. Does the diet not work as it should every day? There’s a sign for that! Studies have shown that even a quick grin can trick our brain into releasing some feel-good hormones. There’s even laughter yoga now !

Free creativity

Even creativity is often about performance and the result, rather than the moment in which creativity happens. You look doggedly at the goal instead of enjoying the moment. Zen tangles, in which squares are filled with patterns using fineliner, décalcomanie, painting mandalas are art forms that allow you to relax and stay in the moment. Improv theater, not only with a fixed date but also spontaneously at home or with friends, creates fun, self-forgetful moments. When you return home to your family, simply pretend for an hour that you are a grumpy older gentleman with walking problems named Giesbert-Hartmut Puvogel who is upset about developments in his dachshund breeding club – it’s great fun to simply change roles.

Hygge – Scandinavian cosiness

The Scandinavian life philosophy “Hygge” is about comfort, a “feeling of home” and homeliness. We like to light candles for a conscious break in everyday life. Enjoying a piece of cake with friends, having good conversations, being in the moment – ​​all of this is hygge. You can create coziness and homeliness through decoration, for example with comfortable pillows and blankets, candlesticks and other soft lighting. You can also find out more about “Hygge” in this blog article!

Cozy candle decoration with light houses

Just like the small wooden decorative houses, the Scandinavian decorative light houses can be used. The highlight: the light houses also light up and bring pleasant, cozy light into the living room! The small houses are also suitable as decoration for the windowsill. The houses can be used as tea light holders, with other candles, or as an LED light house with LED fairy lights or LED candles with a flickering flame.

Walks and daylight in autumn and winter

During the dark season, we often lack light in the northern hemisphere. For many people, this causes a lack of energy, daytime tiredness and a bad mood. To prevent the autumn and winter blues from taking hold, it is important to get some exercise in the fresh air even when the weather is not so nice. Walks, perhaps with an audio book or podcast in your ear, are a great opportunity to get some daylight, exercise and fresh air. Medical daylight lamps for light therapy are also a good option.

Self-care tips in the dark season

  • Wellnesshours: Treat yourself to a relaxing bath with fragrant fragrance additives in your home spa !
  • Soaking up on daylight is important for your mood and vitamin D formation
  • The heating air often dries out the skin and lips, body lotion and lip balm can help!
  • The sense of smell can also influence our mood: scentssuch as invigorating citrus scents, cozy vanilla and calming lavender come into the house via scented candles, diffusers or scented oils.
  • Build in breaks for enjoyment: A warm tea, such as roiboos vanilla or an Indian chai, warms us from the inside, as does a piece of dark chocolate and the healthy polyphenols in chocolateare also healthy!

Do-it-yourself, crafts and DIY projects

Doing things yourself, crafting and building improves your mood! November in particular is considered one of the dreariest months ever, gloomy, wet and cold – but perfect to start making Christmas decorations or winter decorations. A homemade Advent calendar with beautifully decorated bags will delight young and old alike! You can find more craft ideas in our blog in articles like “ Colorful crafts – 9 great ideas for homemade autumn decorations ”, “ 8 great ideas – Make your own Christmas wreath ”, “ Make Christmas decorations: 16 great ideas for homemade Christmas decorations ” and “ Dried flowers, Metal rings and co. – 9 summer decoration ideas to make yourself.

DIY projects