Seychelles Culture of Business

By | July 24, 2022

Culture of business dealings


  • Introduction
  • Addressing
  • Business Meeting
  • Communication
  • Recommendations
  • Public holidays


Francophone and Anglophone influences meet indigenous culture in Seychelles. They are an attractive market for foreign companies despite their relative geographical remoteness and lower population.

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At the beginning, it is necessary to evaluate if the offered product or service is also applicable on the local market, if it is possible to find a suitable partner with whom it will be possible to cooperate, or if it is possible to deliver the product to Seychelles directly. In business circles, personal contact is strongly preferred, business relationships are established very complicatedly via e-mail or telephone. The market is very competitive, many countries are active here, whose interests meet and clash here.

Business meeting

Arranging a business meeting should start well in advance. It is likely that the business partner or government institution will need to be contacted several times before it is confirmed to take place. However, even so, it is advisable to confirm the meeting a day before or on the day of the meeting, remind of its purpose and repeat the venue. It is advisable to arrive on time for the meeting, even though the partner will probably arrive with a slight delay. It happens that meetings are postponed or canceled right before they take place. In this case, try to act constructively and agree on another suitable date. For this reason, possible visits to the country need to be planned flexibly and to have sufficient time space for moving meetings. Formal attire is appropriate for the meeting, although a shirt without a tie and jacket is tolerated due to the high temperatures.

Negotiations usually start with a short social conversation. It is also appropriate to build on some previous activity of the Czech Republic in the country and use it as a positive reference. The host usually offers tea or coffee to drink, it is polite to accept the drink and at least taste it. We recommend handing the counterpart written materials, sending prospectuses or brochures by email has an uncertain result. Gifts are not usually brought to the meeting. If you will be invited to the home, it is advisable to bring less attention with you. Negotiations usually take place in a friendly atmosphere, the use of pressure or confrontation will not lead to results.


The ability to communicate in English is sufficient in business circles and in higher positions in the state administration. Thanks to tourism, the population knows English at a communicative level. Personal negotiations are clearly preferred. If the partners do not know each other for a long time, business relations do not develop after email or phone. It is necessary to build personal trust first. Visit Allunitconverters for more information about Seychelles culture and traditions.


Basic principles when dealing with Seychelles partners, respecting which will help to promote the business plan:

Get to know business-economic priorities, opportunities and competition in the country of operation.

Prepare materials about the company in English.

Take your time. Gradually moving from general things to specific things will help the partner to better understand the proposals. Expect program changes, meeting shifts and slow progress.

Prepare the project well and be specific in the argumentation, adhere to the agreed deadlines, although the approach of the Seychelles side may be more lax.

Public Holidays

January 1: New Year

March/April: Good Friday

March/April: Easter Sunday

March/April: Easter Monday

May 1: Labor Day

June 5: Liberation Day

June: Corpus Christi (Moveable Feast)

June 29: Independence Day

August 15: La Digue Festival

November 1: All Saints’ Day

December 8: Feast of the Immaculate Conception

December 25: Christmas Day



  • Contacts to Czech embassies in the territory
  • Practical telephone numbers (emergency services, police, firefighters, information lines, etc.)
  • Important Internet links and contacts

Contacts at the embassies of the Czech Republic in the territory

Address of the territorially competent ZÚ located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia:

Embassy of the Czech Republic

General Abebe Damtew St., Kirkos Kifle Ketema, Kebele 15, House No. 289

Addis Ababa, PO Box 3108

Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

phone: +251 11 5516382, fax: +251 11 5513471



Honorary Consulate of the Czech Republic

Villa Bohemia

PO Box 52 Victoria

tel.: +248 424 2254


Practical telephone numbers (emergency services, police, firemen, information lines, etc.)

Ambulance, police, fire brigade: 999

Hospital: Anse Royale Hospital, phone: 371222

Baie Ste. Anne Hospital, phone: 233414

La Digue Logan Hospital, phone: 234255

Victoria Hospital, tel: 388000

Praslin Hospital, phone: 232333

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Seychelles Culture of Business