San Pablo Bolivian Catholic University

By | December 15, 2022

Bolivian Catholic University “San Pablo”. Bolivian institution belonging to Higher Education. It is a private university with headquarters in La Paz. Check dictionaryforall for more universities.


The fundamental mission of the Bolivian Catholic University “San Pablo” is the constant search for truth through research, conservation and communication of knowledge for the good of society. This University participates in this mission by contributing its specific characteristics and its purpose, and as a bearer of the values ​​of the Gospel, it trains trained professionals committed to the development of Bolivian society in a permanent dialogue between science and faith, integrating it with the different fields of knowledge, research and community service, so that they promote, as agents of change, freedom, dignity and social justice, especially among the most needy.


The Bolivian Catholic University “San Pablo” will be distinguished by a clear Catholic identity in its way of being and acting, thus inspiring the construction of a culture based on Christian humanism. The quality of its academic body and the professionals it trains will also be distinguished, both characterized by a commitment to the search for truth and imbued with a deep sense of ethics and service. Likewise, it will have a homogeneous quality in all its Regional Academic Units and in all areas of its institutional work. It will be governed by participatory administration and efficient and decentralized management, based on the principle of subsidiarity. All this within the framework of a solid financial stability and attending to its future sustainability. It will also be highlighted


  • Business Administration
  • Anthropology
  • Social comunication
  • Public accounting
  • Right
  • Nursing
  • Philosophy and Letters
  • Environmental engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Commercial engineering
  • Financial engineering
  • industrial engineering
  • Mechatronics Engineering
  • Chemical engineering
  • Systems engineer
  • Telecommunications Engineering
  • Social Pedagogy
  • Psychology
  • Theology

San Pablo Bolivian Catholic University