Sahl Hasheesh, Egypt

By | December 16, 2022

Tourists, beware. If the name Sahl Hasheesh (“Green Valley”) doesn’t tell you anything, then you know absolutely nothing about the construction of a new world-class resort on the Red Sea. Many, many years ago, this area was called Isis – in honor of the patron goddess of witchcraft and magic. Isis was a major trading port that flourished for more than two millennia to the delight of its inhabitants, until one day it went under water. Of course, Sahi-Hashishu cannot compete with the history of Atlantis, but there are many mysteries here, which enterprising investors play today, building up a 12-kilometer stretch of land. Check clothingexpress for information about visa to Egypt.

Who exactly came up with the idea to restore the city, now hiding under the waters of the Red Sea, we hardly know, but the name of the architect who undertook to embody this idea is known to everyone – this is Norman Foster. Now the resort is still under construction, but several hotels have already opened, the territory is being developed, tourists are lured by excursions and clean beaches.

How to get there

Sahl Hasheesh is located 18 km from Hurghada International Airport on the way to Makadi Bay and Safaga. The easiest way to get to Hurghada is by taxi, minibuses also run. Some hotels have their own minibuses for their tourists, which depart on schedule.

Oteli Sahl-Hashish

There are several first-class five-star hotels in Sahl Hasheesh, for example: Old Palace, The Oberoi, Citadel Azur Resort, two Premier (Le Reve and Romance), as well as Pyramisa. A whole scattering of hotels and apartments is being prepared for the opening.

In addition to hotels, several residential complexes are being built in the resort, apartments in which are already being bought up by the powers that be. Oil sheikhs and Hollywood stars also do not hesitate to buy land plots in Sahl Hasheesh, they say that even Tom Cruise appeared as the owner of a patch of desert near the Red Sea.


Strongly building and ennobling its territory, Sahl-Hashish promises to delight with a mass of cozy cafes and restaurants. In the meantime, tourists will have to rely only on nearby Hurghada or hotel restaurants. Considering that only “five” are lined up here, there is no shortage of them: Old Palace has restaurants of both national and Italian cuisine. Premier offers Chinese, Japanese, Lebanese and Italian cuisine, as well as a nice hour at the beach bar. Pyramisa invites you to an Asian restaurant, to taste seafood dishes or mouth-watering snacks and snacks. In short, it’s hard to stay hungry.

Entertainment and attractions

Norman Foster, together with a group of architects, developed a plan according to which only 14% of the territory will be allocated for development, and the rest will remain behind gardens, canals and lagoons, golf courses. Part of this plan has already come to fruition, in particular, two columns have been built in the spirit of the Hypostyle Hall of the Karnak Temple in Luxor, which stand at the entrance to the resort. To the center of Sahl Hasheesh, the square with the “original” name of Piazza (Piazza), leads a long alley, bordered by palm trees. There is also a spacious gazebo with an open area offering panoramic sea views.


The ruins of the sunken Isis can be seen from the pontoon bridge, which will stretch from the shore 250 meters into the sea. In addition, Sahl Hasheesh has its own chic dive site: a coral island with a lot of tropical fish and all kinds of underwater life, which the locals simply call Hasheesh Island (and stories are told that sailors dump hashish here). Depth 5-15 m, visibility 10-30 m.

Sahl Hasheesh, Egypt