Rimini, Italy

By | December 15, 2022

According to foodanddrinkjournal, Rimini is the most popular resort of the Adriatic, consisting of 15 km of sandy beaches, and also the center of “shop tourism”. One of the points of attraction for domestic businessmen is the largest exhibition complex in the region, Rimini Fiera. Beaches, discos and hotels are accompanied by an unexpectedly entertaining town founded by the Romans back in 268 BC. e. Rimini is a place where the Italians themselves go: the food here is excellent, the coastline is the same, and the sights give their zest to the rest. However, someone else will like another highlight: one of the largest shopping malls in Emilia-Romagna, Le Befane, is so big that it changes the entire landscape of the western part of the city.

Even in Rimini, Fellini “marked” himself, on which they speculate no worse than in Verona on Juliet. The director’s museum is located in the historical part of the city and is as popular with Italians as with tourists. And the story of the tragic love of the local Paolo and Francesca was immortalized in Dante’s Divine Comedy.

How to get to Rimini

Rimini has an international airport named after the great Federico Fellini, a railway station and a bus station. Pobeda, Ural Airlines and Khan Air fly from Russia to the resort in the summer. And from other cities in Italy it is convenient to get here by train, bus and car. In the off-season, the number of flights decreases, but magnificent Bologna is not far away – there are flights from Russia all year round.


It is convenient to move around the city by buses and trams. A single ticket for city transport, valid for 90 minutes, costs 1.50 EUR if bought in advance at a ticket or tobacco shop, and 2 EUR from the driver. Such tickets are relevant for travel not only in Rimini, but also in other cities and municipalities of Italy: Riccione, Morciano, Santarcangelo, Bellaria, Cattolica, Coriano. For example, bus route number 11 connects the resorts of Rimini and Riccione. The prices on the page are for September 2021.

You can save by purchasing a book of 10 tickets. Travel cards are sold at the offices of the transport company or street vending machines. They must be composted at the entrance to the transport.

You can also rent a bike (3-7 EUR per 1 hour, 10-20 EUR per day) or use a taxi: 1.5 EUR per 1 km during the day. At night, the cost increases by 25%. Taxi parking points and more detailed information on all types of services are available on the taxi service website.

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Rent a Car

The birthplace of Fellini and first-class Italian shopping, Rimini will open in all its glory with a car. Well, how else can you swim in the sea during one trip, and buy fashionable things, and visit, for example, Venice, the birthplace of Rafael Urbino, or some fantastic amusement park? No way! So you should take care of booking a car in advance. Fortunately, the prices here are quite democratic – from 33 EUR per day. Read more on the page ” Rent a car in Rimini “.

Communication and Wi-Fi

The tariffs of mobile operators in Rimini are rather high, but calling to Russia from a local SIM card is still more profitable than from a home one. There are 3 main Italian operators that catch well in the city – TIM, Wind and Vodafone. Each of them has special offers for tourists, by connecting which you can call home for only 0.10-0.50 EUR per minute. The cost of tariff plans together with the service of international calls varies from 16 to 25 EUR. There are many branded communication stores in the center, packages are also sold in grocery and other stores, you will need a passport for registration.

Free Wi-Fi is available in many hotels, cafes and restaurants. In some, it is password-protected and available only to customers and visitors, in others, anyone can connect. Access points are also equipped with all the beaches of Rimini and some public places in the center – Cavour Square, some parks and squares. In addition, 3-5 GB of mobile Internet is included in any tariff of local mobile operators.

Rimini Hotels

The number of rooms is represented mainly by hotels, there are several apartments, hostels and guest houses. There are no budget offers like a bed in a room for 10 people, but in general the prices are democratic – the cost of a day in a double room starts from 25 EUR. And it’s in the city center, close to the beach.

The resort is popular among tourists, so more than half of the accommodation options for June-August are booked in March.

The price almost does not depend on the location, as well as on the “stars”. There are few luxurious high-rise complexes here, instead of them there are cozy family hotels with several dozen rooms. In the category without “stars” or 1-2 * prices range from 20 to 200 EUR per night in a double room. A lot of “three rubles” – 20-500 EUR per day. For 4-5 * hotels, prices start from 40 EUR. So the number can afford to be found in any category.

The beaches of Rimini

The entire coast of Rimini is suitable for a beach holiday. It is clean and well maintained, equipped with all tourist amenities – umbrellas, sun loungers, toilets and changing rooms. True, most of the resort’s beaches are paid. This does not mean that you cannot go to the sea and swim, admission is free. However, staying with your towel for a long time without paying for an umbrella and a sunbed, most often will not work. Even in the free zone, between the last row of sun loungers and the sea, an employee may come up and ask to remove things.

The coastline is divided into small sections handed over to management. Coastal hotels dispose of some: they provide their guests with discounts on the use of beach infrastructure or include it in the cost of living. The beaches are numbered from 1 to 150, at the entrance to each there is a reception where you can pay for a sun lounger and get a key to the locker room. Prices are posted nearby on the stands, the prices are about the same – 7 EUR for a sunbed, 18 EUR for a set and 20 EUR for a set of two sun loungers and an umbrella per day. There are subscriptions for a week, 15 days or a month.

The resort has two municipal beaches – No. 1 and 100. You can relax there for free with your own towel. However, the sand is not so clean, there are stones and shells.

The coast of Rimini is great for families with small children. It is not deep here, the sea is calm, the entrance to the water is smooth. Almost every beach has playgrounds with slides and swings, water rides and volleyball fields. On a wide coastal strip there was enough space for bars with restaurants. There are no problems with safety either – lifeguards are on duty on the towers. When it is not safe to swim, or they are not in place, a red flag is posted.


Although the water off the coast of Rimini is muddy due to the sandy bottom, there are ample opportunities for diving. To fully enjoy the underwater landscapes, it is better to dive on calm days and away from the coast. In the warm Adriatic Sea, there are many bright fish, turtles, starfish, corals and other animals. The greatest diversity and the best visibility is in the Mount San Bartolo Natural Park. It is also worth visiting man-made reefs – the flooded artificial island of the Rose, the former drilling platform “Hermit”, “Pyramids” and other interesting dive sites.

For lovers of the river, there is also something curious – flooded ships and aircraft. They have already been overgrown with underwater vegetation, they were inhabited by fish and corals, but the frames have been preserved. There are many diving clubs in the city that organize trips to sites and swims for beginners and professionals. Prices are moderate – 20-50 EUR per dive, departure to river objects – from 55 EUR.


Settling in Rimini, be prepared to see “professional shoppers” in their natural habitat. A lot of shops are concentrated in the city center on the streets of Garibaldi, Gambalunga, Corso Augusto and Tre Martiri Square, as well as on the waterfront. Usually they are open from 10:00 to 20:00, lunch break: from 12:00-13:00 to 16:00-17:00, closed on Sunday. Read more on the page ” Shopping in Rimini ” and ” Outlets in Rimini and nearby “.

Cuisine and restaurants of Rimini

The Emilia Romagna region is one of the world famous gastronomic centers of Italy. It is the birthplace of parmesan, Parma ham, the famous Bologna sausage “mortadella” and balsamic vinegar. The largest factory for the production of Barilla pasta is also located here. The choice of the latter in local restaurants is huge – from the well-known carbonara to original dishes with mussels. In addition to the standard spaghetti, capellini and other types of pasta are served here. Desserts are excellently prepared in Rimini establishments – teramissa and panna cotta.

Fans of sparkling wines should pay attention to Lambrusco. It is produced in neighboring Bologna from grapes that grow in the Emilia-Romagna region.

An average dinner in Rimini restaurants will cost 10-15 EUR (excluding drinks). Some eateries offer set meals for 18 EUR, the price of which includes 0.25 liters of wine. By the way, you can taste the local wine after an excellent tasting at the Tenuta del Monsignore winery. Those who want to save money should pay attention to fast food. Piadina (lavash with meat and vegetable filling), pizza or panino sandwich can be eaten for 9 EUR. But dinner in a gourmet restaurant will cost 150-200 EUR for two. In addition to Italian, in Rimini there are institutions of Russian, Canadian, Asian, Japanese and Indian cuisines.

Rimini, Italy