Rezekne, Latvia

By | December 16, 2022

Rezekne is the seventh largest city in Latvia and the cultural capital of Latgale, one of the country’s four historical regions. It is located in a beautiful valley between the two highest Latvian mountains and between the two largest lakes in Latvia. Check clothingexpress for information about visa to Latvia.

The old architecture has been preserved in the city, especially there are many churches and temples of different confessions. Rezekne is considered to be one of the most multinational and cosmopolitan cities in Latvia, and this can be seen here both in architecture and in the variety of national dishes and cultural events.

How to get to Rezekne

Rezekne can be reached by car, bus, train or plane.

  • by train

Every day from Moscow to Rezekne the train “Latvia-express” runs. It departs at 17:05 from the Riga railway station and arrives at Rezekne-2 station at 05:17 the next day. Travel time is just over 13 hours, the fare is from 70 EUR one way. A train to Rezekne from St. Petersburg departs every day from Vitebsky Station (train No. 083A, “St. Petersburg – Riga”), it takes 13 hours 12 minutes, the fare is from 5378 RUB one way.

  • by bus

From St. Petersburg daily in the evenings (about 22:30-22:50) a night bus departs in Rezekne from the Vitebsk railway station and from the city bus station No. 2. The journey will take about 11 hours, excluding traffic jams and crossing the border, the ticket price is from 25 EUR. From Moscow, buses to Rezekne run daily from the Tushinskaya metro station, departure time 21:15-21:45. The ticket price is from 45 EUR one way, you will have to spend about 10 hours on the road, excluding traffic jams and crossing the border.

  • by plane

The nearest airport to the city is in Pskov (about 190 km from Rezekne), but flights there are few and rarely convenient, so it’s easier to fly to Riga. The road from Riga to Rezekne can take up to 5 hours, depending on the transport. The fastest way is the Latvia-Express train to Moscow, which will take about 3 hours on the way.

Rezekne Hotels

Rezekne is a small city, and there are only about 20 hotels here, including apartments. There are two 3* hotels in the city, which are considered the best in terms of prices and quality of service. Most tourists try to stay there. The first of them, Kolonna Hotel Reserne, is located on the banks of the river, within walking distance from the city’s attractions and the railway and bus stations. It occupies an old building, the facade of which has been preserved since the 30s. 20th century, and the restaurant at the hotel serves good Latvian cuisine. The second hotel is Latgale, it is located in the very center of Rezekne, decorated in a classic style and offers just good European service – no frills, but no complaints either. Prices for accommodation in both hotels are approximately the same – from 35-40 EURper night for a double room.

Guest houses are very popular in Rezekne, many of them have their own territory with a small garden and a barbecue area, the rooms usually have nothing extra: a bed, a shower, a bedside table and air conditioning – but clean and quiet. Staying in a guest house will cost from 20 EUR per day for a double room.

Shops in Rezekne

Rezekne cannot be called the capital of shopping even with a stretch, but you can spend money here, for example, it is worth visiting the central market here. In rainy weather it is covered with a roof, but usually it works in the open air. There you can buy fresh products that local farmers bring from all around, as well as handmade souvenirs and even clothes. The market is open every day from 7:00 to 16:00, and on weekends and holidays from 9:00 to 18:00.

There are several shopping centers in the city center, but they are small, and the assortment there does not shine with variety. However, some popular European clothing brands are represented in these malls, and the prices are lower than the average European ones.

Attractions and entertainment in Rezekne

In Rezekne you can see interesting ancient architecture. Most of the buildings were destroyed during the Second World War almost to the ground, but some have survived to this day. The city has many monuments, as well as Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant churches – representatives of almost all faiths live here.

The most famous city attraction is the ruins of the Rositten castle on the mountain. The castle was built in 1285, becoming the first stone building in Livonia. It was attacked and conquered more than once, at one time the Russian Tsar Ivan IV the Terrible also visited here. In 1656, the fortress was finally destroyed by the Swedes, and since then it has not been restored. Today, a park is laid out around the ruins, there is a restaurant and a summer theater.

There are two famous monuments in Rezekne. The first of them is Latgale Mara, a monument to the liberation of Latgale, it is located in the very center of the city and is considered its symbol. The monument is dedicated to the participants in the battles for the freedom of Latvia in 1920 and carries the idea of ​​uniting the people in defense of their native country. The second is a monument to Anton Kukois, a famous Latvian writer, artist, director and actor, located in front of the Latgale Museum of Culture and History. By the way, the museum itself is also worthy of attention: the exposition tells about the history of Latgale, and the most interesting thing here is the collection of unique Latgalian ceramics (more than 2000 exhibits in total).

Churches Rezekne

One of the most beautiful cathedrals in the city is the Cathedral of the Heart of Jesus. It is located in the historical center of the city on Latgale Street and is decorated with colorful stained-glass windows and carved altars.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Holy Trinity was originally built in 1886 from wood, and then, when the wood fell into disrepair, in the 1930s it was rebuilt from red brick. At one time, a movie rental was located in its building, and today services and concerts of sacred and classical music are again held in this church – the acoustics in these walls are simply amazing.

The Rezekne Green Synagogue is the only wooden synagogue in the country that managed to survive during World War II. Today it is active, and besides this, you can see an exhibition dedicated to the history of Jews in Latgale and Jewish traditions.

Near the Latgale Mara is the Orthodox Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, not far from it is the Roman Catholic Church of the Sufferings of the Mother of God, and at the Old Believer cemetery, the Old Believer prayer room of St. Nicholas was built, where the largest bell in the country is located.

Events and holidays

Despite the fact that Rezekne is a small town and does not deserve the title of the cultural center of the country, there are many interesting original holidays and other entertainment events here all year round.

  • April – pottery masters come to Rezekne for the Potter’s Days – exhibitions and sales of ceramics and master classes in firing are held throughout the city.
  • May is the time of the SevenHills music and art festival and the well-known Night of Museums.
  • July — GOSTI ethnofestival.
  • August – Film lovers come to the International Short Film Festival.
  • September – the days of baroque music and the theater festival “Step by Step”.

One of the main cultural centers of modern Rezekne is the Latgalian embassy of GORS. Life is constantly seething here: the best concerts, exhibitions, theatrical performances, film screenings, lectures and various events for children are held. Another popular venue for events is the Zeimuls Center for Creative Services, which hosts many creative and educational programs for young people. It is impossible to miss this building due to its unusual shape and green roof.

Rezekne, Latvia