Ravna Gora, Croatia

By | December 15, 2022

The small town of Ravna Gora is located in the heart of the historical region of Croatia, Gorski Kotar, at an altitude of 800 m, 40 km from the sea. It attracts a few tourists so far with clean air, beautiful views, untouched nature, as well as ample opportunities for outdoor activities: mountaineering, rock climbing, hiking and cycling in the mountains. All mountain paths are combined into one well-thought-out route, so it is impossible to get lost or get bored here.

Ravna Gora is surrounded on one side by the Belolasitsa Mountains and the Vishnevats and Dry Peak hills, and on the other side by Yavorova Spit, Kositsa and a number of low peaks where there are tracks for snowboarding and skiing.

How to get to Ravna Gora

According to clothesbliss, Ravna Gora is located 95 km from Zagreb, so it is most convenient to get here from the capital by bus or car.

The A6 motorway (Zagreb-Rijeka) passes 500 m north of the village, from which there is an exit marked with a sign to the village.

Flixbus buses from Zagreb to Ravna Gora depart twice a day from the central bus station (Zagreb Glavni kolodvor) at 16:00 and 19:00. The journey will take 1 hour 40 minutes and will cost from 10 EUR one way. Prices on the page are for July 2021.

Weather in Ravna Gora

Summer in Ravna Gora is sunny and moderately hot – the average air temperature during the day is +24… +26 ° С, so this is a quite suitable season for trekking and mountaineering, which is popular here.

In the off-season, it is relatively warm, cloudy and rainy, in March-April and October-November – about +8… +13 ° С. In winter, the ski season begins, the weather is mostly sunny and with little snow, and the air cools down to 0… -1 ° C, at night it sometimes drops to -5… -7 ° C.

Ravna Gora Hotels

There is a small selection of hotels in Ravna Gora, but the resort itself is also quite small. Apartments are popular here, they are all about the same price category. There are small apartments and chalets with one bedroom, which will cost from 55 EUR per day, there are more – with two or three, a night there will cost from 100 EUR. Almost every house has a breakfast terrace, a barbecue area and all the necessary accessories.

Alpine skiing in Ravna Gora

The resort of Ravna Gora is located in a hilly area with a height difference from 775 to 910 m above sea level, so ski tourism is actively developing here.

In winter, ski slopes with lifts open in Ravna Gora, there are equipment rentals for skiing, snowboarding and sledding. There are very easy trails for beginners and children, with slight slopes and smooth turns, as well as more difficult routes for professionals, but you can’t count on extreme skiing here. Not far from Ravna Gora, there is a small ski resort Sije, where the slopes are illuminated at night.

Entertainment and attractions in Ravna Gora

There are no historical and cultural attractions in Ravna Gora, but there are plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities. Equipped bike paths and a new bowling alley attract more and more guests who want to enjoy the joys of sports tourism. Ravna Gora has several sports grounds and numerous paths for winter sports: downhill and cross-country skiing, snowboarding and sledding.

Ravnogorsk mountain path

For lovers of the mountains in Ravna Gora, a mountain path has been specially developed, which runs through the nearby territory. The starting point is the Kositsa abyss at an altitude of 970 m above sea level, and the final point is the very top of Gorsky Kotar, Mount Belolasitsa. During the hike, tourists also get acquainted with the Kislevich caves – one of the largest cave groups in Croatia, as well as with the neighboring mountains – Yavorov Kosy, Vienac, Turmin and Vishnevac. The hike also includes rest on road passes, panoramic sites and sightseeing points, where guests enjoy beautiful views.

The duration of the route is about 24 hours on foot – a little more or less, depending on the physical fitness of the tourists. For those who wish, there are services of a professional guide, which will be especially useful for the unprepared.

Ravna Gora, Croatia