Rabac, Croatia

By | December 16, 2022

Formerly a small fishing village with ten houses in the middle of the 19th century, Rabac today is a friendly resort town, descending in terraces to the sea and immersed in greenery. In summer, families with children and young people come here, in spring and autumn – middle-aged couples in search of nature and peace.

A resort center on the east coast of Istria, 50 km from Pula airport, which became popular back in the 60s and 70s. Rabac is a suitable place for lovers of water sports and outdoor activities: there is a wide selection of boats equipped for fishing and diving, canoes, catamarans, and numerous diving schools. Check clothingexpress for information about visa to Croatia.

Phone numbers

8-10-385-52-phone number

How to get there

The best way to get to Rabac is to fly into Pula International Airport and then use ground transportation to cover the 50 km that separates Pula and Rabac. You can order a transfer when booking a hotel or use an intercity bus service (it connects all major cities in Croatia) or a taxi. During the holiday season, there are quite a lot of charter flights from Moscow to the pool.

The beaches of Rabac

The beaches of Rabac are small and large pebbles, small and cozy. They are ideal for families and holidays with children. The local beaches are considered among the best in Croatia and the best on the Istrian peninsula. On the coast there are many secluded bays between rocks and caves, which can only be reached from the sea, or by walking along the paths known to the locals. In 2003, the beaches of the city received the Blue Flag of UNESCO, with which this organization marks the cleanest beaches in terms of ecological. In combination with an extremely comfortable Mediterranean climate, this attracts more and more vacationers to Rabac.

Hotels and apartments in Rabac

Like many other cities in Croatia, this is a former fishing village. But now it is ready to accommodate up to 10,000 tourists for recreation, providing them with not only basic amenities, but also a bright, rich, comfortable resort life. Modern hotels for every taste, budget and level of claims offer excellent, almost flawless, service. This is typical for hotels in Croatia: in this country, the hotel business is regulated and controlled very tightly. Traditionally, there are many offers for renting private villas and apartments here – this is traditional for all resorts in Croatia. I must say that usually private housing is equipped with the latest technology – otherwise it will not be competitive.

Cuisine and restaurants

Restaurants and cafes are open, in most cases, until the last customer, and offer not only drinks and snacks, but also a full variety of meals. Usually, in addition to international dishes, the menu also contains purely Croatian national dishes. These include seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables, and sweets.

Entertainment and attractions

Rabac is picturesque, its streets descend in terraces to the seashore, houses are buried in oleander gardens, the greenery of pine forests creates a natural shade, making the sun not so hot. The embankment stretches along the entire coast, on which restaurants, shops, cafes, and souvenir shops are nicely located. Tourists are always welcome here, they will always help you choose a purchase to your taste or order a delicious lunch. In the center of the city is St. Mary’s Bay, which in itself decorates it very much, but those numerous snow-white yachts that are moored to it simply catch the eye with their slender silhouettes and careful finishing of details. Tourists are usually glad to know that some of the yachts are for rent, and some are intended for boat trips, sort of short cruises, the pleasure of which will often be remembered during the long winter.

The beaches of Rabac are small and large pebbles, small and cozy. They are ideal for families and holidays with children. The local beaches are considered among the best in Croatia and the best on the Istrian peninsula.

You can make from Rabac not only a boat trip: very close is the medieval city of Labin, which has preserved many signs of ancient life on its narrow, winding streets: these are cobblestone pavements, and narrow loophole windows, and red tiled roofs of houses. Often the streets of this city become a stage for fascinating historical performances that attract crowds of tourists.

Entertainment centers of the city offer a variety of programs, including those for children. Many concerts and performances take place in the evening, when many tourists, tired of the sea and the sun, go in search of entertainment and cozy places where you can spend the evening with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.


Rabac is the best place for outdoor enthusiasts. Firstly, there are all conditions for rowing: many types of boats and canoes are offered for rent. Some of them have equipment for fishing. Secondly, numerous diving schools are waiting for their diligent students. For those who spontaneously came up with the idea of ​​diving, there are equipment rental points. Well, for tennis fans in Rabac real expanse: the tennis club is ready to provide them with twenty courts with a variety of coverage.

Rabac, Croatia