Primorsko, Bulgaria

By | December 15, 2022

There is one amazing place in Bulgaria on a relatively evenly protruding coastal strip: a wide and long cape, like the nose of a huge cruise liner, stretches into the sea, the resort of Primorsko. However, this is far from the whole uniqueness of this place. Primorsko, in fact, is a protected area, with primeval forests, rare plants and wild animals, with remarkable rock formations and a rich historical heritage of ancient civilizations. And now, in the midst of this fragile ecosystem, in a place that until recently was completely closed to tourists, since the former residence of the Bulgarian General Secretary Todor Zhivkov, Perla, was located here, one of the largest youth centers in Europe, more than 80 holiday homes, all kinds of camps and tourist centers for children and teenagers, accommodating up to 70 thousand vacationers annually!

And I must say, everything was organized in such a way that tourists, especially the younger generation, coexist very harmoniously here with the natural world, learn to appreciate beauty and take care of what surrounds them.

In a word, Primorsko, with its clean two-kilometer beach with soft fine-grained sand, cannot but please tourists tired of the bustle of big cities. Guests will not be bored here, because the Bulgarian Primorsko is the largest youth center in Europe with all the attributes of this “title”.

How to get to Primorsko

According to clothesbliss, due to the proximity to Burgas, you can get to Primorsko quickly, without having to get tired of the road. Numerous buses run between the cities, which depart from the Southern Bus Station of Burgas. The journey will take about 1 hour 20 minutes. For those who do not want to waste time transferring from the airport shuttle to a regular bus, a good option is to take a taxi directly at the Burgas air harbor. The ride is only 50 minutes.


A wide variety of beach hotels are located within the resort. You can stay in five-, four-, three-star hotels, as well as in boarding houses and sanatoriums. In the hotels you will find highly qualified staff and European service.

The beaches of Primorsko

The town of Primorsko is located in southern Bulgaria on the picturesque green slopes of the Strandzha mountain range. The land protruding far into the sea forms a peninsula and divides the beaches of Primorsko into North and South beaches in the bays of Stampolo and Diavolski. Depending on personal activity and preferences, vacationers can choose or combine two completely different sea areas. It could be the North Beach with its rough open sea, chosen by surfers and windsurfers. Or the calm South coast, stretching for almost a kilometer, reliably protected from the wind by the peninsula, with a gently sloping coast and warm water.

The southern beach, which is considered more comfortable, is separated from the resort village by Lake Diavolski and the river of the same name, therefore, in order to get to the southern coast with fine clean sand, you need to cross a suspension bridge. The northern beach, however, has its own important advantages, it is twice as large in area and you can always find secluded places on it, away from the numerous stacks of sun loungers and towels with the sunbathing bodies of resort guests.

The northern beach is coarse sand, so the water here is cleaner and more transparent, and thanks to the strong waves, you can safely swim here without fear of jellyfish.

Another great beach is located near the former Perla residence, where a small train runs from the resort center. Mostly not crowded here, so you can enjoy the sounds of the surf, swim in clear water, watch small crabs or collect mussels.

The beaches of Primorsko have been awarded the legendary Blue Flag for the purity of their waters.

In 1994, the resort was awarded the Blue Flag, which is assigned to beaches and yacht and boat moorings that meet the main characteristics of the international program and guarantee vacationers clean beaches and the sea, the necessary beach infrastructure and safety.

Entertainment and attractions in Primorsko

Primorsko acquired the title of bio-atmospheric reserve or eco-zone due to its amazingly rich, often endemic vegetation. In the city itself there are many parks and alleys with broad-leaved trees, beeches, oaks, famous for the fact that citrus fruits are grown here. Primorsko adjoins the reserve “Ropotamo”, which is widely spread at the mouth of the river of the same name, also called the “Bulgarian Amazon”, among the rocks hanging over the sea. The reserve received its status in 1940 and since then has become one of the favorite national parks and a popular sightseeing place for tourists.

By the way, excursions are carried out in an unusual way, rafting down the river in a boat, which further enhances the impression that you are not in one of the cultural countries of the EU, but really somewhere in wild Africa, sailing past flooded jungle forests.

Thanks to this rafting, it will be possible to see and take pictures against the backdrop of the unusual natural attractions of Primorsko, rock formations of bizarre shape, the most famous of which are the Lion’s Head and the Merry Rock. Also noteworthy are the dunes and rocky caves that you will meet along the way.

In the reserve “Ropotamo” you can find unique species of plants and animals, most of which are listed in the Red Book of Bulgaria. In total, there are over 100 different species of plants, 250 species of birds, roe deer, deer, fallow deer, wild boars, bears, turtles and a large number of various freshwater fish live in the river. And if you swim to the bay near Cape Maslen Nos, which flows into the Black Sea, there is a chance to see dolphins and seals.

Botanical Garden “Arkutino”

Another well-known reserved place in Primorsko is the Arkutino botanical garden, divided into biothematic zones with the names Snake Peninsula, Water Lilies and Sea Wormwood. Arkutino, which means “bear swamp”, is located among a rare longose ​​forest (flooded, flooded forest) and near the Ropotamo River. Here is an unusual swamp-lagoon with fresh water, where herons, swans and turtles live. Paradoxically, in this wet swampy area, some types of rare cacti grow very well. But the main advantage of Arkutino is the population of beautiful water lilies. In addition to the traditional white and yellow egg-pods, a rare plant grows here – the water rose.

Cape Maslen Nos

Primorsko is a treasure trove of antiquities that attracts archaeologists from all over the world. Thracians, Hellenes, Romans and Slavs left their cultural mark on the territory of Primorsko. On Cape Maslen Nos, the ruins of the ancient city of Ranuli and the well-preserved observatory-sanctuary Begliktash, with an ancient solar calendar inside, were discovered. Scientists attribute the find to the 14th century. BC e. Other historical values ​​include the altar of Apostoltash, the Church of St. Paraskeva, the remains of the fortresses of Valchanovo Kale and Burkhama.

Primorsko is that rare case when the excursion part of the holiday can be completely satisfied within the limits of one resort.

As for traditional entertainment for adults and children, in this sense the resort is not limited to one large youth center, which, by the way, has a House of Culture, a stadium, a summer theater, swimming pools, a sports base, its own beach, cafes and post office. On any of Primorsko’s beaches, you can practice your favorite sport or learn a new one, for example, go diving or fly on a trike, ride a scooter, catamaran, boat, speedboat or go parasailing. For classical sports there is a football field, an athletics arena, tennis courts, volleyball and basketball courts, and a billiard room.

For younger children, there is no less variety of entertainment here, this is a water park, with a pool with waves and an artificial river and numerous slides, and an amusement park with all kinds of attractions and slot machines, these are daytime and evening discos. In addition, colorful shows and concerts are held here in the evenings.


In these temperate Bulgarian subtropics, it is always very sunny and warm, and thanks to the dry air, the rather high summer temperatures are easily and comfortably endured.

Primorsko, Bulgaria