Playa Blanca, Spain

By | February 15, 2023

According to, Playa Blanca is the southernmost and one of the youngest resorts on the island of Lanzarote. Its main attraction is already encrypted in the name itself – it is translated from Spanish as “white beach”. And indeed, the sand here is fundamentally different from the typical Canarian – black and gray volcanic origin. Today, Playa Blanca specializes primarily in family vacations, since the quiet and calm atmosphere is very suitable for families with children. At the same time, there are a huge number of shops, shopping and entertainment centers and restaurants. So this is not some abandoned town, it’s just that life here is very quiet and measured.

How to get to Playa Blanca

There are no direct flights to Lanzarote from Moscow yet. A quick and relatively inexpensive option would be a flight with a stopover in Madrid or Barcelona. A transplant can also be done in Tenerife.

Buses No. 6 and 60 run from Lanzarote Airport to Playa Blanca (between them 40 km). They leave every hour on weekdays and every 2 hours on weekends. Ticket price: 5 EUR. A taxi ride will cost 45 EUR. A ferry service connects the resort with the neighboring island of Fuerteventura. The prices on the page are for August 2021.


There is no own public transport system in Playa Blanca – buses run around the city that serve the entire island and connect the largest cities and resorts of Lanzarote. Only one of them, number 30, runs exclusively within the city. Fare: 1-3 EUR depending on the route.

There are several bike rental companies operating in the city. Renting a bike will cost 12 EUR per day.

  • Coast of Playa Blanca

Playa Blanca Hotels

Playa Blanca is quite expensive, but still a very popular resort. So accommodation options need to be booked as early as possible. The best option for those who want to save money is to book a room in an apart-hotel. Its advantage is the presence of its own kitchen and the ability to use swimming pools, spas and other hotel amenities. A room in a good four-star hotel will already cost from 100 EUR. You can rent a 4-bed bungalow with an outdoor pool for 150 EUR. By the way, the vast majority of tourists who have visited Playa Blanca note that the level of service in the city’s hotels is high, regardless of the number of stars on the facade.

Beaches and diving

Within the resort area, there are three main beaches: Playa Blanca, Playa Dorada and Playa Flamingo.

“Playa Blanca” – the main beach of the city with a width of 20 m with golden sand and clear water. Due to its central location and wonderful views of the neighboring island of Fuerteventura, it is always full of people. Although in fact it is only an integral part of the embankment, there are not even umbrellas and sun loungers here.

A few more beaches near Playa Blanca are not equipped, so they are not in demand among ordinary tourists. But among the unusual ones they use it: nudists rush here.

In the eastern part of the resort is “Playa Dorada” – the largest artificial beach in the city. Its 35 m wide sandy strip is fenced off from the ocean by breakwaters, so there are no big waves here, which families with small children enjoy. Playa Dorada has a full range of services for a beach holiday: sun loungers and umbrellas (3-4 EUR for each item for the whole day), equipped walking paths. Nearby there are cafes, restaurants and shops.

“Playa Flamingo” is another artificial beach, but already in the western part of the resort. The 40-meter line of white sand, although located outside the administrative boundary of the city, has a very developed infrastructure: in addition to shops and restaurants, there are Faro, Carlos and Shangrila amusement parks.

There are several diving schools in Playa Blanca, offering both one-time dives and full-fledged programs, after which cadets receive international certificates. The cost of one lesson: from 40 EUR, course: from 350 EUR.

Cuisine and restaurants in Playa Blanca

Restaurants, bars and cafes are scattered throughout the city, but their greatest concentration is on the waterfront. It is here that the best establishments are located, most of which specialize in seafood. A huge portion of fish in curry sauce will cost 12 EUR, king prawns in the original Canarian marinade – 15 EUR, chicken in honey glaze with red pepper – 11 EUR. In the beach area there are many open restaurants with fast food. You can take food with you, or you can have a bite to eat on the terrace, admiring the sunset. An impressive portion of “fish and chips” from local fish costs 8 EUR – the same as a cheeseburger with fries.

What to watch

Although Playa Blanca is not distinguished by an abundance and variety of historical sights, there is still one noteworthy object here. This is the ancient tower of Castillo de las Coloradas, located on a high rocky promontory. It was built in the middle of the 18th century and for many years served to protect the coastal territory from pirate attacks. Near the tower there are several observation platforms, from where you can see the view of Playa Blanca and its surroundings.


The peculiarity of the Canary Islands is that you can relax in their resorts all year round. Playa Blanca is no exception. But still, the best time to visit the resort is the period from late July to October. The fact is that the island of Lanzarote is located very close to Africa, and therefore is subject to the influence of the trade winds, and this is especially noticeable at the height of summer. Also periodically from the side of the Sahara, the harmattan wind penetrates, often saturated with sand particles. The velvet season is October: there is practically no precipitation, the water and air temperatures are quite high, which allows you to fully enjoy all the delights of a traditional beach holiday.

Playa Blanca, Spain