Paraguay Road Network

By | October 31, 2022

According to wholevehicles, Paraguay’s road network is not very extensive, and the length of the road network is estimated at 30,000 to 60,000 kilometers, depending on what is defined as “road”. About 15,000 kilometers of road are paved, especially in the east of the country. Few people live in the west and few roads are paved. The country has international connections with all neighboring countries, only the route to Bolivia (Ruta Nacional 9) is not paved on the Paraguayan side. Paraguay’s first full-fledged motorway is the Autopista Ñu Guasu, the first section of which was opened on January 24, 2016. This was Paraguay’s first highway. Asphalted main roads connect all major cities.


The capital Asunción has a fairly extensive street network, with numerous boulevards with 2×2 lanes. The center and the surrounding neighborhoods are built in a grid, further outside the center the road network looks more like a cobweb with radials and tangents. The vast majority of major intersections are controlled by traffic lights, only a small number of intersections have grade-separated elements, mostly flyovers.

Near the airport is a short motorway, the Autopista Ñu Guasu, which is 5 kilometers long. The Ruta 2 and Ruta 9 are the main access roads of the city. The Costanera Norte is a two-lane road between the center and the north of the city, which has been developed more recently and is more free from buildings and was opened in two phases in 2013 and 2018.

Asunción is located on the Río Paraguay, where the east bank is highly urbanized, the west bank is hardly built up and cannot be reached directly from Asunción, the only bridge over the river is 15 kilometers north of the city. South of Asunción, the Río Paraguay forms the border with Argentina, there are no bridges over the river in the vicinity of Asunción. Traffic in Asunción is therefore mainly focused on connections within the urban area, and through traffic usually has a destination or origin in the city.

Rutas nacionales in Paraguay
PY01 • PY02 • PY03 • PY04 • PY05 • PY06 • PY07 • PY08 • PY09 • PY10 • PY11 • PY12 • PY13 • PY14 • PY15 • PY16 • PY17 • PY18 • PY19 • PY20 • PY21 • PY22


There are toll stations on the rutas nacionales at various places in Paraguay. The same toll rate applies at all toll stations.

Road numbering

The old (left) and new (right) road number shield of a ruta nacional.

The current road numbering of Paraguay was established in 2019 and replaced the older road numbering of 1962. The old numbering went from the RN1 to RN12, the new numbering is mainly an extension of that. The prefix was changed from RN to ‘PY’, the abbreviation for the country of Paraguay. The old road numbering was probably almost nowhere indicated, but the new road numbering was.

There is no clear system in Paraguay’s road numbering. Lower numbers are generally in the southeast and higher numbers in the northwest, but there are also some higher numbers in the southeast. The numbering of 2019 is from the PY01 to PY22.

The 2019 renumbering also changed the road number shield, originally it was a green shield with white lettering based on North American style, since then this is a white shield with black lettering and the Paraguayan flag, which is more like the road number shield of Argentina.

Rutas nacionales

# No. Route Length
PY01 Asuncion – Encarnacion 382 km
PY02 Asuncion – Ciudad del Este 343 km
PY03 Asuncion – Salto del Guairá 413 km
PY04 San Ignacio – Itapirú 193 km
PY05 Pedro Juan Caballero – Fortín Pilcomayo 577 km
PY06 Encarnacion – Minga Guazu 248 km
PY07 PY06 – Pindoty Porã 417 km
PY08 Coronel Bogado – Bella Vista Norte 588 km
PY09 Puerto Falcon – Fortín Sargento Rodriguez 780 km
PY10 Naranjal – Paraguari 242 km
PY11 Capitan Bado – Puerto Antequeran 227 km
PY12 Chaco’i – Pozo Hondo 744 km
PY13 Paso Yobai – Brazil border / PY17 246 km
PY14 Bahia Negra – Fortín Gabino Mendoza 425 km
PY15 Carmelo Peralta – Pozo Hondo 531 km
PY16 Fortín Mayor Ávalos Sánchez – Bolivian border 497 km
PY17 Salto del Guairá – Pedro Juan Caballero 380 km
PY18 Puerto Mayor Otaño – Villeta 358 km
PY19 Pilar – Villeta 202 km
PY20 San Patricio – Paso de Patria 230 km
PY21 Puerto Indio – Juan de Mena 309 km
PY22 San Estanislao – San Lazaro 435 km

Rutas Nacionales (1962-2019)

The Rutas Nacionales in Paraguay as they existed between 1962 and 2019.

  • Ruta 1: Asuncion – Encarnacion 370 km
  • Ruta 2: Asuncion – Coronel Oviedo 132 km
  • Ruta 3: Asuncion – Bella Vista 522 km
  • Ruta 4: San Ignacio – Paso de Patria 197 km
  • Ruta 5: Pozo Colorado – Pedro Juan Caballero 408 km
  • Ruta 6: Encarnación – Minga Guazú 247 km
  • Ruta 7: Coronel Oviedo – Ciudad del Este 193 km
  • Ruta 8: Coronel Bogado – San Estanislao 320 km
  • Ruta 9: Asuncion – Guarani 835 km
  • Ruta 10: Villa del Rosario – Salto del Guairá 326 km
  • Ruta 11: San Pedro – Capitan Bado 228 km
  • Ruta 12: Asuncion – Campo Alegre 185 km


The signage in Paraguay is simple and similar to that found elsewhere in South America. They are green plates with white letters, with a varying design. The road number plates are not indicated in practice, but are designed in the Paraguay sign book.

Road signs

In Paraguay a mix of American and European road signs is used, both the yellow-black signs and the white-red signs are used. For specific prohibitions and directions, the European road signs are used, for the rest, such as warnings for bends and intersections, the American road signs are used.

Paraguay Road Network