Papua New Guinea and Palau

By | August 13, 2021

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is located in Oceania and covers the eastern half of the island of New Guinea. The western part of the island belongs to the Irian Jaya Province (Indonesia ). Overall, the national territory of Papua New Guinea consists of the main island and more than 600 islands (including New Ireland, New Britain, the Bismarck Archipelago and the northern Solomon Islands). Australia is 160 kilometers further south.

The landscape of the larger islands is rugged and mountainous, you can find extensive valleys. Due to the steep gradient, the rivers are often rapid, and a functioning transport infrastructure is difficult to maintain. The area between the northern coast on the main island to New Britain is volcanically active. In the north and south of the central mountain range there are extensive mangrove swamps and large estuaries.

The capital Port Moresby is located on the port of Fairfax. In addition to the National Parliament and National Museum, there are also many sports facilities, such as diving, windsurfing, sailing, water skiing or golf, tennis and squash in the countryside.

Papua New Guinea, that particularly stands for linguistic diversity. Because in hardly any other country in the world do the residents speak so many different languages ​​and dialects. In addition to their mother tongues, the residents of Paqua New Guinea usually speak several other languages. If you sometimes do not speak these perfectly, you can use them to communicate anywhere at any time. To put it in numbers: the 6 million residents speak about 860 languages.

The Tok Pisin language was able to develop into a kind of lingua franca. It is very important for the people living in Papua New Guinea and, along with English and Hiri Motu, is one of the official languages in the country.

The illiteracy in Guinea Paqua widespread, the school system but worked steadily. Many of the schools that exist today are sponsored by the churches.

Papua New Guinea


According to, Palau is a group of islands in Oceania that is divided into 16 states. The largest island Babeldaop comprises 10 of these federal states. Ngerulmud has been the new capital of Palau for a few years. The only larger settlement is the former capital of Palau, Koror. In addition, there are only settlements the size of a village on the islands. The climate is tropical hot and very rainy all year round.

As a travel destination, Palau primarily appeals to adventure vacationers who are satisfied with less luxury. Boat trips to the islands of Angaur and Peleliu are popular among holidaymakers on Palau. These boat trips take the visitor into the world of the Rock Islands. Everywhere you can see small rock islands rich in vegetation. Particularly impressive views arise when at low tide when the green islands protrude further out of the turquoise sea.

Most of the people in Palau belong to Christianity. Catholics make up the largest proportion (around 41 percent of the population). About 23 percent are Protestants. Seven-day Adventists make up 5.3 percent.
There is also a very special form of religion on Palau. The fashion guys are represented with 8.7 percent on Palau and are an indigenous religion of the island.

The population on Palau is made up of different ethnic groups. The largest group of people is formed by the Palau people. They make up about 70 percent of the population. The Palau people are originally a mix of Micronesians with Malay and Melanesian groups of people. In addition, many Asians live in Palau (between 20 and 25 percent). Most of them are immigrants from the Philippines and China, but there are also Vietnamese among them.
Only about 2 percent of the population comes from Europe or are descendants of European immigrants. Linguistic toothe so colorfully mixed culture on Palau could develop quite independently. In addition to English and Palaui, Japanese, Tobian and Sonsorol are common.

Easter Island

Easter Island is one on the East Pacific Rise located in isolated island s üdöstlichen Pacific Ocean. It belongs to the national territory of Chile. With the exception of Pitcairn, there is no other country within a radius of 3,600 kilometers. The total area of ​​Easter Island is just under 164 square kilometers. The capital and at the same time the only city on the island is Hanga Roa.

Viewed from above, Easter Island roughly resembles a right-angled triangle with an extinct volcanic cone in each “corner”. The island extends over 24 kilometers in length and 13 kilometers in width. The one in the northwest Maunga Terevaka volcano is the highest mountain on the island at 507 meters. It is followed by the Rano Kao in the southwest and the Maunga Puakatiki on the Poike Peninsula in the east.

The interior of Easter Island consists mainly of grassland, which is repeatedly interrupted by rough lava rock. The erosion caused by the waves has formed steep cliffs around almost the entire coast. The coast here descends to a depth of 3,000 meters to the sea floor. The only sandy beach on the island is at Anakena on the northern coast.

The appearance of Easter Island is not only shaped by the three extinct volcanoes with crater lakes, barren plateaus and rough cliffs. Characteristic of this island are the famous gigantic statues carved out of stoneof which about a thousand stand along the coast around the island. The mysterious cult figures that were created between 1100 and 1700 still puzzles scientists today.