Nexpaq Is The Sleeve Modular to Enhance Your Smartphone While You Hope to Project Ara

Have less some components on your phone? Do manufacturers let themselves down the road a reader, microSD card, a little more internal memory or about how many mAh battery? The modular Holster Nexpaq It is a project that has come to Kickstarter to solve these problems while we wait for the Ara Project.

It’s a case with a small collection of interchangeable modules that you can use without any problems of compatibility both iOS and Android devices, and the use of which promises to be so simple that we will only have to enter our phone in the case, adding a few modules and start trying the features extra.

The aim of the campaign is both the give to get, as the create a developer community and receive some money to continue to develop modules. For the time being the list of modules is in eleven different: 1,000 mAh’s extra battery, speakers, super LED flash, SD card reader, temperature and moisture, USB 32 and 64 GB, air quality meter, Analyzer breath, laser, hard disk 64 GB and two extra buttons for whatever you want.

Perhaps one of the big drawbacks which we encounter him in this project is that the time is only compatible with those who have considered the three most significant devices from the market, the iPhone 6, and the Samsung Galaxy S5 and S6, but the developers of the project you want to expand your product to more phones, so accept all suggestions on its website

The bid minimum to support the Nexpaq is of one dollar, but if you want to get with a cover and four modules must be from 109 dollars, nearly one hundred euros to change. The estimated delivery date is January 2016, but you know how these things work, it is always possible that you meet any delay. What you think about the project? Do you compraríais you one of these covers?