New Hampshire Travel Information

By | October 27, 2022

ATTRACTIONS: (some major ones)
Breathtaking scenery and plenty of outdoor activities and adventures help make New Hampshire a favorite travel destination.

Some of the most popular sites within the state include Lake Winnipesaukee, the historic towns of Concord and Portsmouth, the White Mountain National Forest and its many ski areas.

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  • Electricity: 110/120V, 60Hz
  • Times to Travel: New Hampshire offers a quality holiday atmosphere at any time of the year, including world-class ski venues, statewide campgrounds, historical points of interest and stunning mountain scenery.

New Hampshire weather

Climate: New Hampshire, like all New England states, has four distinct seasons.

There are exceptions, but in general the spring months are slightly cold and often rainy, the summers are mild and very pleasant, the fall days are fine and brisk, while the winters are cold and snowy.

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Statewide, the average high temperature in July is near 70 degrees, while in January, high temps are usually near 20 degrees.

On average, New Hampshire receives almost 45 inches of rainfall each year, with much higher amounts in the mountains. In the White Mountains, 200 inches of annual snowfall is the norm.

Seasonal temperature averages:

HIGH TEMPERATURES (Fahrenheit / Celsius)

(Jan) 27/-3 (Feb) 23/-5 (March) 37/3 (April) 48/8

May 66/18 (Jun) 74/23 ( Jul) 76/24 (Aug) 77/25

(Sept) 71/21 (Oct) 62/16 (Nov) 39/3 (Dec) 27/-3

LOW TEMPERATURES (Fahrenheit/Celsius)

(Jan) 4/-15 (February) -2/-18 (March) 12/-11 (April) 26/-3

May 35/2 (June) 47/8 (July) 50/10 (August) 49/9

(September) 42/5 (October) 36/2 (November) 20/-6 (December) 10/-12


HIGH TEMPERATURES (Fahrenheit / Celsius)

(Jan) 36/2 (February) 31/-1 (March) 46/8 (April) 53/11

May 72/22 (June) 78/25 (July) 81/27 (August) 83 /28

(September) 76/24 (October) 66/18 (November) 46/7 (December) 34/1

LOW TEMPERATURES (Fahrenheit / Celsius)

(Jan) 20/-6 (February) 13/-10 (March) 24/-4 (April) 35/1

May 46/8 (June) 56/13 (July) 61/16 (August) 59/15

(September) 51/10 (October) 45/7 (November) 29/-2 (December) 18/-7

New Hampshire Travel Information