Natural Wood Decoration

By | February 11, 2024

Wooden decoration is a classic in the decoration world. For thousands of years, people in a wide variety of cultures have been making their furniture, everyday objects, significant cultural and religious symbols and decorations out of wood. Just think of the totem poles of indigenous cultures, the wooden masks of the various African tribes, or the Mexican alebrijes animal carvings. In Europe, the Celts carved their artistic knot patterns, the Christians carved religious reliefs, and Asian cultures decorated their temples with wooden carvings. Fabulous carving patterns and carved religious texts can be found in various Muslim cultures. Without wood there would be no fire, without wood humanity would not be where it is today. See vintagewill for 16 great simple table decoration ideas.

Wood – natural beauty

Wood is the right choice for natural decoration. As a renewable raw material, wood is a good alternative to plastics in many areas of life, so with wooden decorations you avoid environmentally harmful microplastics and genetically damaging plasticizers. Both decoration and everyday objects made of wood are incredibly versatile. Each type of wood has its own color and grain – from ebony and teak, to excitingly patterned olive wood, European hardwood species such as beech and oak, to fast-growing light woods such as spruce and pine. As long as it is not exposed to the weather unprotected, wooden decorations also last quite a long time, but do not pollute the environment when disposed of. In this blog article we will introduce you to some wooden decoration ideas for your home.

Vintage wooden decoration

A touch of history in your home: Wooden decoration of course also finds a place in vintage decorative styles such as shabby chic decoration, cottagecore and country house decoration. As decorative objects on window sills, sideboards and side tables, historical carvings and handicrafts fit in very well with nostalgic living styles. Vintage wooden objects bring the charm of bygone times into your home, the irregularities, signs of wear and patina celebrate the imperfect, do not show artificial statics, but a lived life. Vintage wooden decorations provide coziness in the home and also fit perfectly into rustic interior styles.

Upcycling: brick molds and more

Upcycling, reclaimed wood, driftwood and the like are very aesthetic wood decoration ideas to give old wood a second life. Due to aging and the influence of the weather, the wood acquires a very special patina that “new” wood does not have. Driftwood goes great in maritime decoration, but also in very modern contexts, for example as hallway decoration in a vase. Old brick shapes are a practical and diverse form of decoration: on the desk in the home office as a storage option for pens and other office supplies, in the kitchen as a home for vinegar and oil, or table decorations filled with all kinds of decorative objects. In the bathroom they act as organizers for all the little things, like braid elastics, hair clips and the nail polish collection.

Boho decoration made of wood and more

As mentioned at the beginning, the various cultures around the world have been making art objects out of wood since ancient times. Somewhat succinctly summarized as “ethno style”, every culture, every tribe and group has a different aesthetic and very special, wonderful patterns. Explore the world of patterns and symbolism of different cultures, set accents! Whether Indian carving, oriental wood art, or African mask – the variety of different styles of wood art is large. For example, Indian or Moroccan style elements fit particularly well into boho decoration, because the hippie movement and beatnik movement, which shaped the boho style, made pilgrimages in droves to Morocco, India and Goa. Accessories from different cultures also go perfectly with urban jungle decorations ; they convey a kind of globetrotting flair.

Olive wood and more: kitchen helpers and decorations made of wood

Kitchen utensils made of olive wood are not only practical, but also beautiful. This wood has a very special grain and as a hardwood it is particularly durable in the kitchen. Kitchen utensils made of olive wood should be oiled every now and then, otherwise they will last forever. Wooden cutting boards and serving platters are a great way to arrange cheese platters and charcuterie boards, and a juicy homemade burger looks even better presented on a rustic wooden board. The crisp summer salad is served in a wooden bowl and brought to the dining table on a wooden tray. Your cup collection will find a place on the nostalgic wall shelf.

Winter and Christmas decorations made of wood

For the celebration of love, the world of wooden decorations of course also has a wealth of decorative objects ready: decorative stands in the shape of a Christmas tree adorn window sills, dining tables and sideboards. Wooden baubles are a durable option as Christmas tree decorations, especially when small children and wild pets are a bit boisterous; unlike glass baubles, they are shatterproof. Star-shaped displays and stands will get you and your family in the mood for Christmas. Even if you like it simpler, Christmas decorations made from natural wood are a good and environmentally friendly alternative to loud plastic decorations. For the winter, decoration in a rustic hut-like look is a cozy decoration style. You can also find more rustic ideas for decorating with a magical hut look in this blog article.

Spring and Easter decorations made of wood

Spring begins, the birds sing again, the green returns to nature after the gray winter. Decorations made from natural materials such as light wood, real flowers and twigs are simply suitable as spring decorations and Easter decorations. Cute Easter bunnies (e.g. from Vosteen ), eggs and chickens are simply part of Easter! You can arrange a small bird’s nest with wood shavings or moss on wooden discs as a table decoration. Wooden eggs hung on bouquets in the house or outside in the garden are a beautiful Easter decoration. You can also find more Easter decoration ideas in our blog articles “ 13 ideas for great Easter decorations ” and “ Spring decorations – 13 great ideas with spring flowers and more ”.

Autumn decoration made of wood

Hurray, hurray – autumn is here! Autumn shows itself in natural, colorful and earthy colors. The play of colors on the trees is a fantastic spectacle every year. Wooden decorations go perfectly with autumn, especially objects in warm wood tones, combined with autumn colors, provide comfort over the graying weather. In autumn, mushrooms also sprout from the ground – carved wooden mushrooms are an excellent autumn decoration. Dried flowers and ears of corn in a wooden vase also go well with autumn, because it is also harvest time. A simple homemade table decoration for autumn is self-collected acorns, chestnuts or beechnuts in a rustic wooden bowl. You can quickly make a great fall decoration yourself using colorful maple leaves.

Minimalist wooden decoration and modern wooden decoration

You will also find what you are looking for in the area of ​​minimalist decoration and modern decoration in the area of ​​wooden decoration! Clear edges, restrained design – in modern and minimalist living styles such as Scandinavian decoration, less is often more, but the little is something special! For a modern look, go for clear edges, few frills and, in Scandi style, ideally light wood. Groups of small wooden houses in a modern design are a beautiful decoration for window sills, shelves and chests of drawers. Geometrically designed wooden accessories also look very modern. Also discover the modern wooden wall decoration from NOGALLERY !

Maritime decoration made of wood

Ahoy sailors! The maritime furnishing style is a popular favorite in the furnishing world, and here too there are numerous opportunities to use maritime wooden decoration as a style element. Sun, beach and sea, simply chilling! Friendly starfish, funny fish and great lanterns create a relaxed beach feeling. Or is it vintage harbor worlds that appeal to you? Wooden lighthouses, buoys and anchors decorate the home and tell stories of the sea. The nautical look is actually suitable for every living space, from the bedroom to the bathroom to the living room.

Well stowed: boxes, chests and boxes

Boxes, chests and crates made of wood are decorative and practical. Vintage boxes fit into nostalgic interior design styles such as dark academia, cottagecore, and shabby chic. All the odds and ends simply disappear into a pretty box, which relieves the strain on the eyes and avoids stress when searching. When visitors come, dog toys etc. are safely stowed away. The organization icon Marie Kondo already recommends boxes and boxes for organizing items in cupboards, it creates an overview. In the wardrobe, T-shirts, socks and underwear are folded and stored in boxes; in the kitchen you can avoid tedious searching if you store the spices in a box and label the lid of the storage container with the name of the spice.

Outdoor decoration made of wood

Off to the garden! Wooden garden furniture is still popular in the garden and on the terrace, but there are also beautiful and practical wooden outdoor decorations for garden decoration. Weatherproofing wooden decorations? This can be done with weather protection glaze or acrylic paint. Old fruit crates become great planters in the garden. All you have to do is line the crates with pond liner, fasten them with an electric stapler and fill them with planting soil. The boxes can be planted with flowers or used as a small mini bed for herbs, lettuce or vegetables such as tomatoes. You are doing the bird world a favor with birdhouses ; you can watch small cave-nesting birds like tits raising their chicks in spring. Vintage ladders become a climbing aid for plants.

House entrance decoration made of wood

Decoration for the entrance to the house outside is also part of the house decoration! The entrance area is, so to speak, the business card of our home. Wooden decorations for the entrance area are even easy to make yourself: decorations with wooden stumps are very variable and can be adapted to any season. The wooden stump as a wooden decoration to be placed as a rustic decoration is decorated at Easter and in spring with bird’s nests and early bloomers, in autumn with pumpkin decorations and as a Christmas decoration for outside with a winter lantern or a Scandinavian light house. Other beautiful wooden decorations for the entrance area include birch trunks, rustic wooden fruit boxes, wreaths (e.g. from Dijk Natural Collections ) made of twigs for the front door and, if space in the entrance area allows, also decorated wooden benches and stools.

Wooden wall decoration

Wooden home accessories also find their place on the wall! Wall decorations such as picture frames and wall objects such as oriental wall panels offer decoration for small rooms and narrow hallways. Unusual wooden decorations for hanging such as wooden window frames in country house style (e.g. from Posiwio ) spread a rustic cosiness, decorated with dried flowers or artificial flowers they become romantic decorations for the bedroom! Wooden wall decoration can also be used very practically, for example as a cool DIY box shelf in the study.

Wooden wall decoration