Nakuru, Kenya

By | November 25, 2022

The Kenyan city of Nakuru was once a small railway station built by the British colonizers in 1904. Now Nakuru is the capital of the Rift Valley province and one of the most popular tourist centers in Kenya. Why such an unhealthy interest in an ordinary Kenyan city, you ask?

The fact is that near Nakuru, just 10 km away, there is a lake of the same name. It became famous all over the world thanks to the pink flamingos that flock here. These wonderful birds here sometimes accumulate up to one and a half million. The main thing that attracts them is food – specific algae of the salt lake. In addition to flamingos, other birds fly here to visit.

How to get there

The entrance to the National Park is located in the southern part of the city of Nakuru. You can get here by plane or car from Nairobi. From the capital of Kenya, the park is only a two-hour drive. On the territory of the reserve there is a runway that can be used for individual flights.

In order to avoid dangerous situations in the park, it is better to travel by transport.

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Lake Nakuru

In fact, Nakuru is a whole system of lakes, which includes reservoirs of varying degrees of salinity. There are among them fresh, medium-salty, super-salty and even soda. There are lakes at different heights, which only enhances the extraordinary landscape. The largest of them is located along the Great African Rift. It reaches a depth of three meters, its area is about 40 sq. km. Lake Nakuru and the surrounding area has been declared a National Park.

The amazing wildlife of Lake Nakuru

The main inhabitant here, of course, is the small flamingo. Do you think where does this bird get such a glamorous pink color of plumage? Because of the spirulina algae she feeds on in Lake Nakuru. Spirulina contains a large amount of beta-carotene, which is responsible for the unusual bright pink color of the feathers. Common flamingos also “graze” next to the pink birds. Their plumage has a soft pink color.

In addition to flamingos, other feathered brethren can be seen on the lake: white pelicans, herons, yellow-billed storks, fishing eagles. The area near Nakuru is home to exotic animals such as: zebra, giraffe, warthog, black rhino, lion, leopard, buffalo.

5 things to do in Nakuru

  1. The first thing to do is to take part in a safari and drive around the entire territory of the park – to see all the amazing animals that live here. Be sure to bring some water, a hat from the sun, dark glasses. The African heat is no joke.
  2. Stare at the flamingos. Birds will not let you close to yourself, but at a short distance you can watch them. A million flamingos – this is not possible to see every day. And what a magnificent picture appears before your eyes when these wonderful birds begin to take off! Words cannot describe. And from a height of flight, the spectacle is even more beautiful.
  3. Climb to the top of the extinct volcano Menengai, also located on the territory of the national park. From a height of 2300 meters, a stunning panoramic picture opens up. Don’t forget to take your camera with you. It is unforgivable not to take pictures of such beauty.
  4. Visit the large Thompson waterfall, located 60 km from the lake. Streams of water fall from a height of 75 meters, forming a bubbling foam below. The road leading to the waterfall is dangerous – you will have to climb a steep path in the rock for 15 minutes.
  5. Travel south to the acacia forest, where the rhino nursery is located, to see the black rhino with your own eyes. At one time, these animals were at risk of extinction, but gradually scientists managed to revive their population. The black rhinoceros is a unique animal. Mostly the hunt was not for him, but for his black horn, which, according to Asians, is able to increase potency.

Nakuru, Kenya