Morjim and Palolem, India

By | December 16, 2022

Morjim, India

Morjim is a resort on the Arabian Sea in North Goa. A Russian tourist will meet more compatriots here than in any other corner of India. Moreover, many of them live in Morjim permanently and do not plan to leave here. Check clothingexpress for information about visa to India.

There are many Russian guest houses, yoga schools, restaurants in Morjim, there is even a Russian kindergarten.

The area is developing rapidly, with many hotels and restaurants being built. Prices here are higher than in other places in North Goa, so Morjim is often jokingly called the Indian “ruble”.

How to get to Morjim

From Dabolim Airport to Morjim (which is 60 kilometers away) can be reached by taxi, the cost of the trip is from 1800 INR. On the way, you will pass over the road bridge that connected Morjim with civilization. Before its construction, Morjim, connected to the shore by a ferry, was practically inaccessible to tourists. By bus from Morjim you can go to Panjim and Mapusa. For short-distance travel, it is most convenient to rent a motorcycle or scooter. Renting a scooter will cost 200-550 INR per day. An additional item of expenditure can be considered the almost inevitable fines paid to the traffic police (although, they say, one must bargain ruthlessly when determining the amount).

The beaches of Morjim

On the northern side from the mouth of the Chapora River stretches a wide sandy and sparsely populated three-kilometer Marjima beach, surrounded by palm trees and casuarina. The southern part of the beach, at the confluence of the river into the sea, is called Turtle Beach, every year large turtles come here to lay their eggs.

There are many sea birds in the beach area, and the unique olive turtle Ridley lives here.


In addition to traditional Goan culinary exotics at affordable prices in small cafes and shacks, there are several rather expensive Russian restaurants in Morjim. In the fish restaurant “Glavfish” and restaurants “Bora-bora” and “Tchaikovsky” you will get real Russian cuisine at almost Moscow prices.

Entertainment and attractions of Morjim

Locals celebrate all national and local holidays with great enthusiasm. In addition, they are all football fans and lovers of officially banned bullfights.

In Morjim, where Hindu and Christian beliefs are intertwined, there is an ancient temple of Shri Moraji, where pilgrims from all over Goa gather for religious holidays. Festive events last for a whole month and are accompanied by ritual animal sacrifices.

The Russian diaspora of Morjim constantly arranges parties and secular parties, which are attended by the capital’s DJs.

Palolem, India

Palolem is one of the most beautiful beaches in Goa, surrounded by picturesque hills and washed by a clear azure sea.

How to get there

The easiest way to get to Palolem is by train to Margao or by plane to Vasco da Gama Airport, from there there are fixed-price taxis to the resort (leaving from the airport terminal and Margao train station, respectively).

A 10-minute tuk-tuk ride from Palolem has a local railway station – Canacona. Buses run there, as well as to Palolem, from Margao (journey time 1.5 hours).

Shopping: shops

On the promenade along the beach there are many shops: music, with spices and clothes. On the beach itself, sellers with handmade souvenirs often go.

Palolem Hotels

During the season, Palolem seethes – hotels and apartments are full, so it’s worth booking in advance. In addition, you can stay in the beautiful Columbus Bay, in a comfortable “environmentally friendly” complex. Not far from it is Patnam Beach, which is much quieter and calmer than Palolem.

Cuisine and restaurants in Palolem

Since the locals have been fishing for centuries, you can be sure that the fish served in the restaurant literally “just swam”. The cost of such dishes, as a rule, starts from 300 INR.

Good cafes: Dropadi (located at the entrance to the beach), Magic Italy (the best pizza in Palolem), Fernandes (located behind the church, to the right of the beach; Indian cuisine), Palolem Beach Resort, Cool Breeze (jazz cafe), Smugglers Inn (English pub), Sameer Restaurant (located right on the beach, beautiful sea views).

Popular excursions

An excellent day trip is a trip to the Cotigao nature reserve or to the ruins of the Cabo da Rama fort on the quiet and very beautiful Agonda beach. A trip to Dudhsagar (“Sea of ​​Milk”) waterfalls, which is one of the hundred highest waterfalls in the world, will not leave you indifferent.

Attractions and attractions in Palolem

Snorkeling and diving (the center is located next to the Palolem guesthouse), canyoning and trekking (book at the Casa Fiesta restaurant). You can also swim to the dolphins by hiring a team with a boat (it is best to sail at dawn or sunset).

Palolem, India