Montre, Switzerland

By | January 7, 2023

The city of Montreux is world famous for its closed private schools and beauty institutes, nightclubs, cabarets, bars and casinos, jazz and classical music festivals, the Golden Rose TV festival and the Festival of Laughter. The exhibition center constantly hosts international exhibitions and fairs, including the International Telesymposium. On a small rocky island off the coast of Montreux lies the famous 13th-century Chillon Castle, personally sung by Byron. Check computerminus for more cities and countries in Europe.

City code

8-10-4121-phone number

How to get there

Flight to Geneva, then transfer for about an hour (60 km).

Trains run to Montreux from Geneva (Sfr26, 70 minutes, departure every hour) and Lausanne (Sfr9.80, 25 minutes, thrice an hour). On the way to Interlaken, the GoldenPass Panoramic offers amazing views of the mountains and the fabulous nature of Switzerland (transfer to Zweisimmen and Spiez, Sfr60, 3 hours, once a day).


Montreux was once a tiny fishing village, where winemakers also lived. But since the 19th century, fate has prepared a different path for Montreux – the town is turning into one of the largest resorts in Europe. Aristocrats and bohemians, artists and writers from many countries come here to undergo the “grape course” of treatment that was popular in those days. In 1904, the Montreux Palace deluxe hotel was opened in Montreux, which still remains not only a landmark of the city, an important part of its history, but also one of the most popular hotels on the coast of Lake Geneva.

The world-famous song “Smoke on the Water” by Deep Purple was not created without the help of one unfortunate event in Montreux. On December 4, 1971, during a Frank Zappa concert, a fan fired a flare gun at the ceiling of the Montreux Casino where the concert was taking place. A fire broke out that destroyed the building, and the picture of smoke over the water (Smoke on the Water) ran into the memory of the band members who saw it from the window of their hotel.

christmas market

Fairs are held every Christmas in Montreux. The main street of the city (Grand’ Rue) and the lakefront are lined with wooden chalets where you can buy local wine (tasting is free and offered everywhere), chocolate and local handicrafts. The atmosphere during these fairs is magical. Children enjoy the Pere Noel park, where in 2006 an ice rink and a mini-train appeared.

Bars or where to spend the evening

The terrace of the Suisse-Majestic Hotel (45 avenue des Alpes, opposite the train station) offers really good prices for Switzerland and a great view. Here the saxophonist plays live music in the evenings to the drum machine, and plays well.

The English-style pub The White Horse (28 Grand Rue) is always crowded with local youth in the evenings. And you can understand them: there is a good selection of beer and darts.

Those who are looking for a special place for a special event should pay attention to the terrace of Le Palais Oriental (Quai Ernest Ansermet 6) – amazing and very romantic views, coupled with an amazing dinner available.

Treatment in Montreux

Many people go to Montreux for beauty and health. The famous La Prairie clinic is located here, providing a full range of services for face and body care, restoration of the nervous system, weight loss and plastic surgery. Holidays in Montreux can be very active: tennis, water skiing, horse riding, hiking (long walks in the mountains). Evenings are usually busy visiting taverns, restaurants and wine cellars.

Entertainment and attractions Montreux

The main attraction of the city is the building of the Montreux Palace Hotel, where celebrities and the powers that be once stayed. For example, Vladimir Nabokov from 1960 until his death (in 1977) lived in a hotel room with his wife Vera. They have rented rooms here since 1964. The writer is also buried nearby, in the cemetery of the town of Clarens (Clarens).

At one time, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Leo Tolstoy and Igor Stravinsky rested here. The concert hall in Montreux is named after the latter. And on the embankment of the city there is a monument to Freddie Mercury.

Today, the city is famous for its jazz festival, which has been held annually since 1967 in early July.

Montre, Switzerland