MCAT Test Centers in Vermont

By | February 26, 2019

According to AAMC (the MCAT test maker), there are 1 MCAT test centers in Vermont. Most testing centers are located inside a college or university. You can select a testing location that is nearest to you. Please note that you are able to choose a test center when registering for the MCAT.MCAT Test Centers in Vermont

Burlington – Williston
WILLISTON, VT 05495-7529

Medical College Admission Test in Vermont

80 U.S. States

Each of the states is governed under the same scheme of separation of powers (legislative, executive, and judicial) as the federal government of the United States. Legislative assemblies of forty-nine states consist, like the US Congress, of two chambers (the exception is Nebraska, where legislators have only one chamber). The head of state executive power is the governor.

US states
State Full title Designation Foundation date Capital
Idaho State of Idaho ID July 3, 1890 boise
Iowa State of Iowa IA December 28, 1846 Des Moines
Alabama State of Alabama AL December 14, 1819 Montgomery
Alaska State of Alaska AK January 3, 1959 Juneau
Arizona State of Arizona AZ February 14, 1912 Phoenix
Arkansas State of Arkansas AR June 15, 1836 Little Rock
Wyoming State of Wyoming WY July 10, 1890 Cheyenne
Washington State of Washington WA November 11, 1889 Olympia
Vermont State of Vermont VT March 4, 1791 Montpelier
Virginia Commonwealth of Virginia VA June 25, 1788 richmond
Wisconsin State of Wisconsin W.I. May 29, 1848 Madison
Hawaii State of Hawaii HI August 21, 1959 Honolulu
Delaware State of Delaware DE December 7, 1787 Dover
Georgia State of Georgia GA January 2, 1788 Atlanta
West Virginia State of West Virginia WV June 20, 1863 Charleston
Illinois State of Illinois IL December 3, 1818 springfield
Indiana State of Indiana IN December 11, 1816 Indianapolis
California State of California CA September 9, 1850 Sacramento
Kansas State of Kansas KS January 29, 1861 Topeka
Kentucky Commonwealth of Kentucky KY June 1, 1792 frankfort
Colorado State of Colorado CO August 1, 1876 Denver
Connecticut State of Connecticut CT January 9, 1788 Hartford
Louisiana State of Louisiana LA April 30, 1812 baton rouge
Massachusetts Commonwealth of Massachusetts MA February 6, 1788 Boston
Minnesota State of Minnesota MN May 11, 1858 Saint Paul
Mississippi State of Mississippi MS December 10, 1817 Jackson
Missouri State of Missouri MO August 10, 1821 Jefferson City
Michigan State of Michigan MI January 26, 1837 Lansing
Montana State of Montana MT November 8, 1889 Helena
Maine State of Maine ME March 15, 1820 Augusta
Maryland State of Maryland MD April 28, 1788 Annapolis
Nebraska State of Nebraska NE March 1, 1867 Lincoln
Nevada State of Nevada NV October 31, 1864 Carson City
New Hampshire State of New Hampshire NH June 21, 1788 Concord
New Jersey State of New Jersey NJ December 18, 1787 Trenton
New York State of New York New York July 26, 1788 Albany
New Mexico State of New Mexico NM January 6, 1912 Santa Fe
Ohio State of Ohio Oh March 1, 1803 Columbus
Oklahoma State of Oklahoma OK November 16, 1907 Oklahoma City
Oregon State of Oregon OR February 14, 1859 Salem
Pennsylvania Commonwealth of Pennsylvania PA December 12, 1787 Harrisburg
Rhode Island State of Rhode Island R.I. May 29, 1790 Providence
North Dakota State of North Dakota ND November 2, 1889 Bismarck
North Carolina State of North Carolina NC November 21, 1789 Roles
Tennessee State of Tennessee TN June 1, 1796 Nashville
Texas State of Texas TX December 29, 1845 Austin
Florida State of Florida FL March 3, 1845 Tallahassee
South Dakota State of South Dakota SD November 2, 1889 Pyrrhus
South Carolina State of South Carolina SC May 23, 1788 Colombia
Utah State of Utah UT January 4, 1896 Salt Lake City