MCAT Test Centers in New Mexico

By | February 26, 2019

According to AAMC (the MCAT test maker), there are 5 MCAT test centers in New Mexico. Most testing centers are located inside a college or university. You can select a testing location that is nearest to you. Please note that you are able to choose a test center when registering for the MCAT.

MCAT Test Centers in New Mexico

Albuquerque – New Mexico

Farmington – College Boulevard
4601 College Blvd
Info Tech Bldg Room 7120
San Juan College Testing Center
Farmington, NM 87402

Las Cruces – Del Ray Boulevard
Suite D

Eastern New Mexico University
52 University Blvd
Roswell, NM 88203

Santa Fe – St. Michael’s Drive
720 St Michael���s Drive
Suite #2A
Santa Fe, NM 87505

Medical College Admission Test in New Mexico

Mark Twain

In 1857, the future author of Life on the Mississippi returned to his homeland and got a job as an apprentice pilot on a river steamboat plying the great American Mississippi River. Two years later, having perfectly studied all the subtleties of a difficult craft and more than three thousand kilometers of a changeable riverbed, Sam Clemens received a pilot’s license.

Samuel wanted his younger brother, Henry, to work with him on the river. However, Henry died in June 1858 due to a steamboat boiler explosion. Mark Twain said later that he foresaw this death, he dreamed of it a month before the disaster. This incident, combined with guilt over his brother’s death, started Mark Twain’s interest in parapsychology. Later, Twain became one of the first members of the Society for Psychical Research, which studied the phenomena of mesmerism, telepathy and other paranormal phenomena.

Sam Clemens worked on river steamboats until 1861, when traffic on the Mississippi was drastically reduced due to the outbreak of the American Civil War.

It was from the time of his work as a pilot that Mark Twain took his now world-famous pseudonym. ” Mark twain ” in the slang of Mississippi pilots meant “measure two”, that is, a depth of two fathoms, the minimum required for the passage of river vessels.

In 1861, Mark Twain’s older brother Orion Clemens entered the service as secretary to the governor of the newly created Nevada Territory , James Nye. Together with his brother, Mark Twain went to the West of the USA. Traveling in a stagecoach through the Great Plains and the Rocky Mountains, visiting the Mormon community in Salt Lake City and other impressions from the trip later served as material for the autobiographical book “Light”.

For some time, Mark Twain tried to mine silver in the town of Virginia City, Nevada. However, a career as a prospector failed, and Twain soon took a job with the city’s newspaper Territorial Enterprise. It was in this newspaper that readers first saw the famous name – Mark Twain. He signed the story “Letter from Carson” published on February 3, 1863.

In 1864, Mark Twain moved to San Francisco, where he continued his career as a journalist, working simultaneously for several newspapers. In 1865, Mark Twain’s first literary success came – on November 18, the story “The Famous Jumping Frog of Calaveras” was published in the New York literary weekly The Saturday Press. The story was liked by both readers and critics, it was reprinted by many publications throughout the country.