MCAT Test Centers in Iowa

By | February 26, 2019

According to AAMC (the MCAT test maker), there are 4 MCAT test centers in Iowa. Most testing centers are located inside a college or university. You can select a testing location that is nearest to you. Please note that you are able to choose a test center when registering for the MCAT.

MCAT Test Centers in Iowa

Davenport – Bettendorf

Prometric Test Center
1303 5th Street
Suite 102
Coralville, IA 52241

Sioux City – Stone Avenue
4647 Stone Ave.
Western Iowa Technical Comm College
Robert H. Kiser Bldg. Room A258
Sioux City, IA 51106

Des Moines – West Des Moines

Medical College Admission Test in Iowa

Hoover Dam. Water and electricity

Construction of the Hoover Dam was completed earlier than planned. On September 30, 1935, US President Franklin Roosevelt held a grand opening ceremony for the dam (although the construction of the power plant and some other work was not completed until the spring of 1936).

Given that Herbert Hoover was Roosevelt’s electoral rival, it is not surprising that the new dam was known as “Boulder Dam” during the latter’s presidency. Only in 1947, the dam was returned to its name, approved by the US Congress even before construction began.

According to official statistics, one hundred and twelve people died during the construction of the dam. Forty-two more workers are believed to have died from carbon monoxide poisoning during the tunneling.

The construction of a giant dam on the Colorado River, along with other hydraulic structures, provided irrigation for the fields of Southern California and eliminated the threat of destructive floods. The electricity generated at the Hoover Dam gave a powerful impetus to the development of the southwestern United States, including the famous Las Vegas. In the eighties – nineties of the XX century, the power plant was reconstructed, so that it remains one of the most powerful in the United States today. About a quarter of the energy produced is consumed by Nevada, about a fifth by Arizona, and the rest by California.

The lake formed by the dam was named after Elwood Meade, the former head of the US Bureau of Reclamation during the design and construction of the Hoover Dam. Lake Mead is the largest reservoir in the United States, it stretches almost two hundred kilometers upstream of the Colorado River. The area of ​​the lake is 640 km 2, and its volume exceeds 35 km 3. Lake Mead was designated a National Recreation Area in 1964.

Such an unusual object as the Hoover Dam could not but attract the attention of tourists. Almost immediately after the completion of construction, in 1937, the dam complex was opened for visiting by tourist groups. With the growing popularity of nearby Las Vegas, the number of visitors increased. In 1996, for the first time in a year, more than a million people visited the Hoover Dam.

The Hoover Dam carried Highway 93 connecting Arizona through Nevada and Idaho to Montana. This road connects, among others, Las Vegas and Phoenix, one of the fastest growing cities in the United States.. After the tragic events of September 11, 2001, for safety reasons, the movement of vehicles along the dam was limited, and trucks were prohibited. In 2003, half a kilometer downstream of the Hoover Dam, construction began on a bridge across the Colorado called the Hoover Dam Bypass. In October 2010, a new bridge was opened to traffic, named after Nevada Governor Mike O’Callaghan and famous Arizona football player Pat Tillman, who died in Afghanistan.

Even today, many decades after its construction, the Hoover Dam continues to be a magnificent example of the engineering genius of the designers, the selfless work of the builders and one of America’s most famous landmarks.