MCAT Test Centers in Australia

By | February 26, 2019

According to AAMC (the MCAT test maker), there are 2 MCAT test centers in Australia. Most testing centers are located inside a college or university. You can select a testing location that is nearest to you. Please note that you are able to choose a test center when registering for the MCAT.

MCAT Test Centers in Australia

MELBOURNE, Australia 3000 VIC

SYDNEY, Australia 2000 NSW

Australia Overview


According to the constitution of July 9, 1900 (in force since January 1, 1901; amended several times), Australia is a federal parliamentary monarchy in the Commonwealth. With the »Australia Act« (1986), the constitutional ties between Australia and Great Britain were further loosened and redefined. The head of state is the British monarch, represented by a governor-general; David Hurley (* 1953) has held this office since July 1, 2019. A referendum on the abolition of the monarchy in favor of a republic with an indirectly elected president did not find a majority in 1999.  Check cellphoneexplorer to see Australia Individual Adventure Trip.

The legislature lies with the Federal Parliament, consisting of the British Crown, the House of Representatives (151 members elected in single-electoral districts according to combined majority and proportional representation for 3 years) and the Senate (76 members, 12 each per state and 2 each per Northern Territory or Australian Capital Territory Proportional election system elected for 6 years; half of the senators have to stand for new elections every 3 years). It is compulsory to vote from the age of 18. The federal government has exclusive (e.g. foreign affairs, defense, post, customs, immigration) and competing (e.g. taxes, economics, social affairs) legislative powers. Large areas of civil and criminal law reside in the states and territories. You determine, among other things. also in the areas of education, agriculture, public transport, Police and local authority. Laws can only be passed with the consent of both houses. This gives the Senate great influence on the formulation of laws, especially since the majority ratios between the two houses often differ from one another. Constitutional amendments also require a referendum.

The executive power rests nominally with the governor general, who is assisted by an executive council. In fact, the Prime Minister appointed by the Governor General from the parliamentary majority forms the government with his cabinet. This is responsible to the parliament. The parliamentary procedure and the formation of a government are in accordance with British constitutional practice.

Domestic policy: In August 2018, Prime Minister M. Turnbul l resigned from his position following internal party fights. S. Morrison was installed as the new head of the party and government and was confirmed in office in the parliamentary elections in May 2019. The conservative politician has been criticized for sticking to the coal industry since the catastrophic bushfires in 2019/20.

Foreign Policy: Australia has close ties with the US, UK and New Zealand. Australia is linked to the USA and New Zealand in terms of security through the Pacific Pact. There are disagreements with East Timor over the rights to use the oil and natural gas reserves in the Timor Sea.

National symbols

The blue national flag shows the British Union Jack on the leech above, including the Commonwealth Star and on the flying end the Southern Cross. – On the coat of arms (since 1912) within an ermine border in the divided and twice split field are the badges of the six states: New South Wales (in silver a red cross with four gold stars and a gold leopard); Victoria (in blue the silver cross of the south, overlaid by the British imperial crown); Queensland (a blue Maltese cross in silver, topped with the British imperial crown); South Australia (in gold, an Australian singing strangler); Western Australia (in gold, a swimming black swan); Tasmania (a red lion in silver); above the gold Commonwealth star. Shield holders are kangaroo and emu; Two wattle branches serve as the basis (Australian acacia Acacia mearnsii).

National Day : January 26 (Australia Day) commemorates the landing of the first convict transport in Port Jackson Bay in 1788.


A multi-party system exists in Australia on the basis of parliamentary democracy. Influential parties are the Liberal Party of Australia (LP; German Liberal Party of Australia; liberal-conservative), the National Party of Australia (NP; German National Party of Australia; formerly National Country Party; conservative), the Australian Labor Party (ALP; German Australian Workers’ Party; social democratic) and the Australian Greens (German Australian Green Party).


The Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU, founded in 1927) has 36 individual trade unions with 1.8 million members.


The total strength of the volunteer army is around 57,900 men. The army (mainly consisting of a reinforced division) has around 29,600, the air force 14,100 and the navy 13,000 soldiers.


The legal system follows the tradition of common law. After the abolition of the last instance appeal to the British Privy Council in the »Australia Act« 1986 and due to the steadily increasing importance of statutory law, Australian law is becoming increasingly independent from English law. Jurisprudence and legal reform are mainly based on developments in other Anglo-American legal systems, in particular Great Britain, New Zealand, Canada and the USA. In 1992 the Supreme Court ruled that the Aboriginal people of Australia (Aborigines) have always been the rightful owners of all land. This ruling forced the government to introduce new land ownership laws. – Federal and state and territorial jurisdiction are separate. State and Territory Courts resolve disputes related to state law; on disputes under federal law after referral. Each state and both federal states have a three tier judiciary. Federal jurisdiction consists of the Supreme Court, the Federal Court, the Family Court and the Federal Magistrate Court. The High Court is both the highest court of appeal and the constitutional court.