Maldives Travel Facts

By | May 9, 2022

The Maldives is both a state and an archipelago. They are located in the Indian Ocean west of Sri Lanka and consist of almost 1200 islands. The Maldives are best known for luxury vacations. Nowadays, however, there are also great holiday opportunities for the smaller budget on the local islands.

Capital City Small
Size 298 km²
Resident 344.000
Official Language Dhivehi
Currency Rufiyaa
Time Zone UTC-6
Telephone Area Code +960

Source: Destination Explorer

Fast facts to know

  • The easiest way to pay for everything on a holiday is by credit card. Dollar bills should be on hand for tips and small items.
  • Friday is a public holiday in the Maldives.
  • The prices on the hotel islands are significantly higher than in Malé.
  • When entering from Europe, a passport that is still valid for at least 6 months is required.
  • The Maldives are a strictly Islamic country. Nudism and bikinis are prohibited on most beaches. However, there are special bikini beaches on the hotel islands.
  • The Maldives are considered malaria free. Special vaccinations are not required.
  • Internet connection is available on most islands.
  • The Maldives is great for diving and snorkeling.
  • Medicines should be taken with you in sufficient quantities, as they are often difficult to obtain.
  • Maldives fever is widespread. It is caused by a virus and is characterized by body aches and high fever. Strong antipyretics should therefore be in your luggage.
  • The prison island of Maafushi has also become increasingly popular with tourists since it was rebuilt after the 2004 tsunami.
  • English is also spoken on most of the islands.

Most exciting city in the Maldives

  • Small

History of the Maldives

  • First settlement probably around the 5th century BC. C
  • According to legend, converted to Islam by an Arab traveler around the 12th century.
  • 1558 The islands are occupied by the Portuguese, who were expelled again after eight years of guerrilla warfare.
  • Conquered by the Netherlands in the 17th century, later under British rule.
  • 1993 first constitution.
  • 1953 Proclamation of the republic.
  • In 1963 Britain gave up the islands.
  • 1965 final independence from Great Britain.
  • Declared a republic again in 1968.
  • 1978-2008 strongly authoritarian government with associated restrictions on freedom of expression and freedom of the press.
  • 2016 Announcement of withdrawal from the Commonwealth of Nations.

Climate & travel weather on the Maldives

  • Tropical climate all year round with an average of 30 °C.
  • Short heavy rain showers possible all year round.
  • Rainy season April – October.
  • Hardly any danger from tropical storms.
  • High season Christmas to New Year very expensive.
  • Recommended travel time:
    • November – March.

Ideas for excursions in the Maldives

  • Small:
    • Sultan-Mohammed-Thakurufaanu Moschee
    • Freitagsmoschee Great Misikiiy
    • Sultanspark
    • National Museum of the Maldives
    • markets
  • Dives and snorkeling trips.
  • Fishing and sailing tours.
  • Enjoy tropical beaches.
  • BBQ on a sandbank.
  • Insel Hopping.
  • Round trip by seaplane.

Food & Drink in the Maldives

  • Maldivian cuisine is more down-to-earth.
  • The main ingredient is fish, the most important side dish is rice.
  • Indian influences can be seen in the spices, e.g. B. with spicy curries.
  • Hotel islands with a wide range of international cuisine, products imported accordingly.
  • The fruit is delicious: bananas, papayas, mangoes and coconuts grow on the islands themselves
  • Alcohol for religious reasons only available on the hotel islands.
  • Sai (black tea) is the national drink of the Maldivians.
  • Typical dishes:
    • Grilled tuna.
    • Fried Red Snapper (a type of redfish).
    • Mackerel.
    • Fillet of sole (Seezunge).
    • Shark steaks.
    • Mas Riha (fish goulash).
    • Garudiya (Fischsuppe).
    • Hiki mas (dried fish).
    • Gulhi bokibaa (sweet cake flavored with many spices).
    • Kurumba (deliciously refreshing water of semi-ripe coconut).
    • Hedhikaa (savory and sweet appetizers).

Particularly scenic

  • Crystal clear water and gorgeous sandy beaches.
  • Colorful underwater world.
  • Tropical island worlds.

Maldives Travel Facts