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By | October 17, 2022

ATTRACTIONS: (some main ones)

Maine offers countless things to see and do, regardless of the time of year. Popular outdoor activities include fishing, kayaking, swimming, AMD ski snowboarding. In addition, visitors will thoroughly enjoy Maine’s historic sites, homes and museums.

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Some of the state’s busiest attractions include Acadia National Park, coastal fishing villages and lighthouses, Baxter National Park, Augusta’s historic sites and much, much more. Maine has it all, so for family outdoor fun and adventure ideas, or for a relaxing weekend getaway, follow the links below.


  • Augusta
  • Portland


  • Androscoggin County (including Auburn and Lewiston)
  • Bangor
  • Biddeford
  • Portland


  • Electricity: 110/120V, 60Hz
  • Times to Travel: With impressive parks, historical points of interest, stunning scenery and a beautiful coastline, Maine offers a wonderful family vacation destination any time of the year.

Maine weather

Climate: If any state reflects four-season climate changes, Maine certainly does. Summers here are generally mild, while winters are cold and snowy. At the higher elevations of Baxter National Park, snowfall is very heavy.

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Fall is Maine’s finest season with autumn colors striking (and some say) perfect weather.

In general, January is the coldest month with average high temperatures around 20 degrees. Much colder conditions are common in the mountains and along the northern border with Canada.

July is the warmest month with average high temperatures around 70 degrees.

Annual precipitation averages around 45 inches, with higher amounts along the Atlantic coastline and the upper reaches of the mountains.

Seasonal temperature averages:


HIGH TEMPERATURES (Fahrenheit / Celsius)

(Jan) 30/-1 (February) 26/-3 (March) 39/4 (April) 49/9

May 67/19 (June) 74/23 ( Jul) 78/25 (Aug) 79/25

(Sept) 72/22 (Oct) 62/16 (Nov) 42/5 (Dec) 29/-1

LOW TEMPERATURES (Fahrenheit/Celsius)

(Jan) 14/-10 (February) 9/-12 (March) 21/-6 (April) 34/1

May 45/7 (June) 54/12 (July) 59/14 (August) 58/14

(September) 52/10 (October) 45/7 (November) 29/-2 (December) 16/-8


HIGH TEMPERATURES (Fahrenheit / Celsius)

(Jan) 3/-16 (February) 19/-7 (March) 33/0 (April) 45/7

May 62/16 (June) 73/22 (July) 76/24 ( August) 73/22

(September) 67/19 (October) 57/13 (November) 36/2(December) 23/-5

LOW TEMPERATURES (Fahrenheit / Celsius)

(Jan) 22/-6 (February) 0/-17 (March) 13/-10 (April) 27/-2

May 39/4 (June) 49 /9 (July) 54/12 (August) 51/10

(September) 44/6 (October) 38/3 (November) 22/-5 (December) 4/-15

Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park is located in the northeastern part of the state of Maine and is also its only national park. Under its protection is a large area of Mount Desert Island and other smaller islands located on the Atlantic coast. Today, the park occupies an area of 123 square kilometers and on its territory you will find mountains, coasts, forests and clear lakes.

Acadia Park was established in 1916, but then it was called Lafayette National Park. Here we can also find the state’s highest mountain, or rather the Cadillac Mountain, measuring only 510 meters above sea level. It is located on the Atlantic coast, in places where the “fjord” of Somes Sound also extends. Originally, this area was covered with a dense forest, but in 1947 the park suffered a large fire, after which birch, gray aspen and cherry trees began to grow here.

The irresistible attraction of this park is the proximity of the forest and the Atlantic Ocean at the same time. Here you are surrounded by beautiful and untouched nature, the sandy beach of Sand Beach beckons for swimming. However, the water here is only 13┬░C even during the hottest summer days. For warmer water, you need to head to Echo Lake Beach. One of the most beautiful seasons in Acadia National Park is autumn and midsummer, when the local forests turn into a colorful palette. During autumn, the red and orange colors of the maples, the golden and yellow shades of aspens and green birches mix together here.

A scenic route known as the Loop Road leads from the coast. Heading into the countryside, it passes the picturesque wooden Jordan Pond Gate House, built in 1932 by John D. Rockefeller. Jordan Pond, which was formed by the action of a glacier, is undoubtedly an interesting place. It is quite deep and on its northern edge there are two round peaks called Bubbles. Many wild animals such as gray squirrels, beavers, black bears, foxes, moose and wolves have chosen the park as their refuge. We can also find a large number of interesting and rare plant species here.

Acadia National Park