LXR & Co at Our Site: Vintage Luxury for Fashionistas

You dream of a luxurious Hermes our site bag, a glamorous Lady Dior bag or the exclusive Speedy by Louis our site? For many fashionistas the possession of such legendary fashion classics remains unfortunately a dream due to discouraging prices.

But what if you could get the design bag of your dreams at a moderate price? The cult brand LXR & Co, which you can now buy in selected our site stores, allows you just that.

How exactly does that look? In the following article you will learn everything about the successful label from Canada! As shown in Fig.

LXR & Co at Our Site Vintage Luxury for Fashionistas 1

LXR & Co: the Brand That Meets Fashion Dreams

Timeless luxury fashion to make everyone affordable – Frederick our site and Kei our site cherish this dream when they open a small boutique in Montreal in 2010, specializing in the sale of worked-out vintage designer accessories.

Whether it’s Hermes scarves, Cartier’s hats, Marc Jacobs shoes, or Louis our site, Gucci, our site or Chanel handbags, the small business is fast-paced thanks to its wide selection of exclusive second-hand treasures.

The result: Only two years later, our site and our site  open another boutique – this time in the chic Nobel district of Beverly Hills in Los Angeles.

But here it does not stop.

LXR & Co at Our Site Vintage Luxury for Fashionistas 2

In the same year, the two company founders launched their on line shop to successfully distribute their fashionable fashion treasures globally on line.

Today only six years after the founding of LXR & Co, the brand is no longer just made up of (now over twenty) boutiques and the on line trade.

The celebrated company also cooperates beyond the borders of the American continent with numerous partner shops selling the exclusive vintage pieces of the label.

And the best: Since September of this year you can shop the sensational offer of this international top brand in a our site branch of your choice.

LXR & Co: Luxury Designer Bags at Our Site

LXR & Co at Our Site Vintage Luxury for Fashionistas 3

Frederick our site and Kei our site  believe that stylish luxury accessories earn more than just a lifetime. For this reason, they have Wow-Bags of legendary top brands, after having first been carefully examined for their authenticity, afterwards lovingly work through in painstaking manual work.

At LXR & Co you can be absolutely sure not only to keep a 100% vintage original in your hands, but also to have many years of pleasure in your exclusive second-hand-fund.

And where exactly can you our site this dazzling offer in Germany? Now: our site offers you the possibility to find your personal luxury must-have in the large LXR & Co range at a total of five locations.

These locations are: Berlin our site, our site Royal Palace, Munich our site, Cologne our site road and Frankfurt our site.

So what are you waiting for? Now hurry to the nearest of these five branches and fulfill your designer dream! I wish you a lot of shopping! As shown in Fig.