Lodz, Poland

By | December 15, 2022

It is widely believed that there is nothing for tourists to do in industrial cities. What interesting things will you see on the gray streets, what will you occupy yourself with in the evenings, when the collected and businesslike citizens rush to their homes? So tourists strive to embrace the beauty of Warsaw, not noticing the quiet charm of Lodz. But one has only to take a closer look at it, and the traveler will be fascinated by the discreet beauty of this city.

How to get to Lodz

The name of the city – Lodz – in Polish means “boat”, more precisely, “boat”. Having learned this, you somehow involuntarily tune in to the fact that you can get into the city by water. In fact, this is far from the case. For example, in Lodz there is an airport named after. Vladislav Reymont, which operates various international and domestic flights.

According to clothesbliss, ground transport is presented in all its diversity. You can rent a car in one of the cities of Poland (from 25-30 EUR per day) and go to Lodz on your own: 120 km from the capital to it. If you prefer to travel by local transport, then buses and trains are at your service. A ticket, depending on the chosen class, will cost 6-12 EUR, travel time – 1.30-1.40 hours.

Buses are even cheaper, 2-3 EUR, but they also take longer, from 2 to 3 hours. Buses to Lodz depart every 2 hours, with the first one leaving at 3 am and the last at around 00:00.

From Warsaw airport to all stations is easily accessible by public transport, for example, bus number 175 to the central railway station of the capital. Please note that at the ticket sales points there are regular tickets, for one trip, and there are one-day tickets. You can ride them all day, so if you have time before the train or bus to Lodz, you can ride around the city.

Lodz Hotels

It seems that in such a city, the interest in which tourists are just beginning to gain momentum, there will be problems with accommodation. In fact, this is not the case, and there are enough hotels and hostels in Lodz. Even in the city center you can find a place to spend the night for only 7-11 EUR. It is with such prices that Music-Hostel, Flamingo Lodz Hostel (exactly the same has already proven itself from the best side in Krakow and Zakopane) and M Hotel pleases its guests.

Please note that in this case we are talking about exactly one place, in fact, about the bed. Therefore, if you want to live alone in a room, and not with a couple of neighbors, then you will have to buy all the beds, and this is already comparable in price to a middle-class hotel, a room in which costs from 35-45 EUR. These are the Focus hotels near the city center, and the Rubin in the south. Hotels in the center of Lodz, such as Andel’s will charge their guests from 83 EUR.

Cuisine and restaurants in Lodz

It is impossible to get a complete impression of the city without visiting local cafes and restaurants. Where to go in Lodz? It depends a lot on what kind of cuisine you are a fan of. Those who cannot live a day without Italian dishes should visit the Da Grasso pizzeria, where for only 6 EUR they will bring you a pizza that even a couple of hungry students can eat.

Of course, the Irish and beer continue their triumphal march around the world, and Lodz can also invite its guests to the Irish Pub, where you can listen to live music in the evenings. And, of course, restaurants of traditional Polish cuisine are of particular interest to tourists. In the authentically decorated Soplicowo for 15-20 EUR you can have a great dinner (though without drinks). The Chlopskie Jadlo restaurant at 2 Traugutta Street is not inferior to it in terms of the color of the design and the quality of the dishes served.

Shopping and stores

The main thing you need to know about shopping in Lodz is the name of the unique Manufactura shopping and entertainment complex. It has everything that the soul can wish for: cinemas, bars and restaurants, a sports club, billiards, a children’s entertainment center and a two-story mall with a huge number of shops and boutiques. All goods of Polish manufacturers (and not only them) can be bought here.

Only the “Gallery” on Piłsudski Street can compare with this alley of shops. Well, for those who are interested in souvenirs with national flavor, welcome to Piotrovsky Street, full of souvenir shops of all stripes and sizes.

Entertainment and attractions in Lodz

Speaking about the sights of the city, first of all they mention its wonderful architecture. Indeed, the old Łódź houses deserve the closest attention. Wealthy industrialists who lived in them in past centuries strove to make their homes as different as possible from others, rich and spectacular. Some of them (the Villa of Leopold Kindermann, the Palace of Mauritius of Poznań or the Villa of Eduard Herbst) are open for viewing the interior decoration. And in some, for example, in the Palace of Mauritius Poznansky or the Palace of Israel Poznansky, museums are open: modern art and the history of the city.

Even industrial buildings in Lodz are interesting for tourists! The spectacular White Factory is home to the Textile Museum, and the abandoned red brick factory buildings inspired David Lynch to film his Inland Empire here.

And this is not surprising: much in this city is connected with the film industry. Here is the Higher School of Cinematography and Television, the Museum of Cinema and even its own Avenue of Stars. It is located on Piotrovsky Street, by the way, the longest street in Europe, a place for bohemia gatherings, various sessions and flash mobs.

Recently Lodz justifies the title of the cultural capital of Poland not only with its cinematic past and present. The convenient location of the city makes it attractive for concerts of various artists. Most often, performances are held at the Arena concert venue.

If you still think that Lodz is only architecture and history, churches and synagogues, factories and museums, by all means go to nature. No, not out of the city, but to one of the vast local parks, green and well-groomed: to the largest botanical garden in Poland or to the Łagiewnice forest park.

Lodz, Poland